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Charitable Giving

Giving Back to our Community

Over the years The Oyler Group has had a growing commitment to the community through annual contributions made to local charities on behalf of our clients. In previous years the Oyler Group has contributed to organizations such as: The Phoenix Youth Foundation, the Brunswick Street Mission, the Parker Street Food and Furniture bank, the Kiwanis Club of Dartmouth, Feed Nova Scotia, the YWCA Halifax, the Maritime Heart Centre, the Halifax Assistance Fund & Alice Housing.

The Phoenix Youth Foundation is a community based program established to support and provide a continuum of care for at- risk and homeless youth between the ages of 16-24. They provide an opportunity to break the cycle of homelessness and trouble by providing a way to get back on track to a life away from the street. They have different supportive ways and address each client as an individual such as education on jobs, emergency residence among many other services.

Along with the Phoenix Youth Foundation, the Parker Street Food and Furniture Bank is another community based non profit that helps each troubled community member individually. They not only provide the essentials such as: furniture, food and house hold goods, but they educate people on how to improve their life. They offer NSCC credited courses, prepare people for jobs, and give emergency funding among many other services.

The Kiwanis Club of Dartmouth is a not for profit organization is a global volunteer based organization that enriches lives of children and their communities by raising money through fundraising events such as Bingo, Bake Sales and their Kiwanis Music Festival. Between all of their fundraisers and support from companies such as the Oyler Group, they are able to improve not only the lives of the Dartmouth youth, but the entire community.

The YWCA Halifax is a local organization that makes a real difference in the lives of women, young women and families in the Halifax area. For example, $1,000 will house a woman in their WISH program for two months. This program helps women leave the shelter system, breaking the cycle of homelessness by building self-sufficiency and independence. The YWCA is a local organization that provides support and creates turning points that change women's lives forever.

The Halifax Assistance Fund (originally named the Halifax Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor) was formed in 1866 to provide relief to unemployed war veterans returning to Halifax. Since that time, the mission of the organization has been to assist those in our community who are struggling with the consequences of poverty. Throughout the years, this relief has taken the form of such items as coal, wood, grain, vegetables, clothing and meals; although the specifics have changed, the Halifax Assistance Fund continues, over 141 years later, to fulfill its commitment to provide support to those who may be considered to be among the "poorest of the poor”.

Currently, the major funding effort of the Halifax Assistance Fund is the Basic Necessities Program, which we began in 2002 with the social workers employed by the Halifax Regional School Board in Halifax and Dartmouth. This program provides emergency support for students and their families who are unable to cover the cost of food, shelter, medication, dental services, transportation to essential services, eye care and other necessities. It is the only program of its kind within HRM.

In the fall of 2010, The Oyler Group partners invited the executive director of Alice Housing to accept a donation and speak of this hardworking organisation at one of our client events.

Alice Housing is second-stage non-profit housing for women with or without children. This local organisation offers a safe non-judgmental environment for women leaving abusive relationships. Alice Housing receives only 11% of its annual operating budget from all levels of government. Over 40% of the budget must be fund raised throughout the year. Alice Housing has 19 second and third stage residential units that are secure for women and children fleeing domestic abuse and provided 11,066 shelter nights last year to our clients. Since 1983, Alice Housing has provided a safe refuge to over 850 families.

In the fall of 2012, our team supported the Brunswick Street Mission. The Mission seeks to inspire a better quality of life through a ministry of care that addresses physical, emotional, practical and spiritual needs for those experiencing poverty. Many are homeless, others are at risk of homelessness. There are individuals, couples, and families with children. Some work, others are on assistance, and others on disability or pension support. Their backgrounds are incredibly varied but they have in common that their present day is a struggle, and their future does not hold much promise.

On behalf of our clients, we feel that it is important to share with our surrounding community to try and enrich the lives of others, and provide care and support for community members not as fortunate by supporting such positive organizations. We hope through our support and contributions the members of the greater Halifax community are able to seek help, participate or volunteer with the services and activities provided through such amazing non-profits.