Flexibility and Freedom in building a dual Canadian and U.S. dollar currency investment portfolio with managed and client-directed portions

The Architect Program brings together the best of separately managed accounts with the best of traditional investment accounts by providing you with a unique opportunity to hold managed and non-managed investments within a single account.

The simplified way to build wealth

It is truly a collaborative approach to investing, with more freedom and flexibility that ever before in deciding your level of involvement in building your financial future. With the Architect Program, you don’t need a complex structure with multiple accounts to achieve a diversified solution. All investments are consolidated into one account with one fee and one performance statement.

Affordable and accessible professional money management

Within a single account, you have access to:


  • Strategic asset allocation
  • Automatic rebalancing
  • Enhanced diversification, helping to provide better risk management
  • Intelligent cash management of contributions and withdrawals
  • Enhanced tax management
  • Manager and style diversification

A whole new level of diversification

The Architect Program offers diversification by investment manager, investment style and among various investment vehicles- all within a single account. By taking diversification to the next level through the Architect Program, you can seek to manage several risks at once:


  • the risk that each investment managed will have a period of underperformance
  • the risk that a manager’s investment style is out of favor
  • and the risk that certain asset classes and investment vehicles will lag when others advance

In addition, your Investment Advisor remains your key resource with the non-managed portion of your portfolio- from guiding you in establishing and monitoring a personal investment strategy, to providing suitable investment ideas and executing trades, to giving you feedback on your own ideas, and more.


Benefit from the power of one

For all its complexity and sophistication, Architect presents you with a remarkably simple and easy-to-manage investment solution.


  • One account to hold all your investments
  • One Investment Policy Statement executed through on coordinated portfolio
  • One all-inclusive quarterly statement
  • One annual summary of activity
  • One comprehensive fee


It all adds up to one of the most efficient and effective investment solutions available to you.

Features and Benefits

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