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Tyson Amies
Kirsty McAvoy
Brittany Housego

Tel: 250-260-5750
Fax: 250-260-5774
Toll Free: 1800-771-4955

2806 32nd Street
Vernon, BC
V1T 5L7


Investment Philosophy....
We firmly believe that our clients' interests are best served by taking a fully diversified approach to investing. We employ principles of dollar-cost-averaging to take advantage of market volatility and increase returns. Working closely with our clients we formulate a customized investment strategy that is designed to improve their portfolio's return while keeping risk at an acceptable level. If you would like a relationship based on trust and a process that delivers peace of mind please contact us.

Financial Planning...
Working with Nesbitt Burns' interactive Financial Planning software we are able to provide clients with a customized and comprehensive road map to achieving their Financial Goals. While no one can predict the future our sophisticated planning software can make it clearer by allowing us to evaluate the impact of inflation and taxes on your retirement income or your children's education fund. We have the necessary information today that will enable us to chart your course to financial success.

Our Commitment...
As your Investment Advisors, we aspire to provide the ongoing knowledge, training and tools to create, implement and monitor your Financial Plan and Investment Portfolio. We believe our clients are best served by an Advisor that applies principles, skills and knowledge, and who also puts their clients' interests ahead of their own. We believe that regular communication is integral in creating a rewarding and successful relationship. We strive to achieve long term client relationships through exceptional service and fulfillment of our clients' goals.