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Tyler Purves
Elaine Pelletier

River Center
475 2nd Ave South, 3rd Floor
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 1P4

What we do

We provide our clients with clarity and peace of mind regarding the well-being of their finances and their families.

We take the time to hear our clients so that we may understand how best to work with them to achieve their goals.

We provide a comprehensive set of Wealth Management solutions:

• Professional Investment Management
• Retirement Planning
• Estate Planning & Referrals for Legal Services
• Tax Planning & Referrals for Tax Services
• Business Succession Planning
• Income & Asset Protection using Insurance
• Charitable Giving & Philanthropy


Who we do it for

Our clients recognize the importance of professional advice. They enjoy the comfort and security of having a trusted professional guide them through a challenging process.

Our clients are families, professionals, business owners and organizations. While our clientele is diverse, there is a common theme among them: they are seeking a trusted partner to work with to achieve their goals.

The underlying goal of our relationship with our clients is to add value to their lives. We only work with clients where the potential to add value is present. We believe this can be achieved with clients that have investable assets of at least $250,000.


Why clients work with us

We believe our clients want safety and a sense of security regarding their wealth and their future. We provide this security to our clients as stewards of their wealth.

Our professional knowledge and consistent process is complimented with empathy and understanding.

We believe these qualities result in long-standing, trusted relationships with our clients.

Our commitment to clients is to:

• Be fully transparent
• Contact clients regularly
• Price with integrity
• Offer financial plans that are tailored to what clients want

We are dedicated to making our clients' wealth management experience personal, comprehensive, and tailored to their individual needs.

Our commitment is on-going and reflects our high standards for professionalism, quality advice and consistent service. After all, our clients trust us not only with their wealth management needs, but with those of their families and close friends.