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Planning For Your Family

Family Financial Planning

Our success will be built on the unique partnership we forge together; a relationship built on good communication and comprehensive planning.

I believe that a good exercise for any investor is to consider eight key aspects of your financial picture. Perhaps not all these questions apply to you, but if we take the time to talk about them—to anticipate them—I can develop a fundamentally strong financial plan that will increase your likelihood of success.

A thorough and thoughtful conversation about these possibilities can ensure that we develop a well-informed financial strategy. Nick Murray presented a wonderful exercise in his book titled 'The New Financial Advisor'. Nick urges his clients to sit with their advisors and ask themselves the following important questions:
  1. What would happen if you or someone in your family was suddenly disabled?

  2. Do you plan to help a child, or grandchild, study at university? When do you expect this to happen, and how much do you anticipate it will cost?

  3. How and when do you want to retire? What will it cost to live the way you imagine your retirement to be?

  4. Do you anticipate contributing to your parents’ livelihood, as they age?

  5. How important is it to help your children or grandchildren if they are confronted with financial challenges?

  6. What would happen to your family if you died?

  7. Is there a church, a charity, or an educational institute to which you want to leave a legacy?

  8. How will your heirs handle their inheritance? Will they be burdened by a tax liability in order to preserve treasured family assets?
You would benefit by sitting down and talking to us about any—or all—of these questions. Please contact us and we’ll talk!