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We have established ourselves as a premier wealth management team in providing comprehensive wealth advice; financial and estate planning; personal and corporate tax-minimization strategies; and family wealth transfers.

Our process is three-fold: we work with you and your family to build a financial plan that addresses your goals and financial priorities. We then discover the requirements to meet those goals – do you need to save more? Do you need to take more risk, less risk? Lastly, we implement an investment strategy to meet your goals.

How we work together is completely up to you – whether you want to be closely involved in the management of your investments, completely hands off, or somewhere in between. We schedule regular portfolio reviews and provide you with market updates.

We work with high net-worth individuals that require advanced wealth planning. Joining BMO Private Wealth provides you with financial perks in all avenues of your life.

Our team works closely with our Estate Planner Jillian Berry, Estate and Insurance Specialist Stuart Clarke, and Tax Specialist Leigh Vynn.

Our team dynamic provides a long-term wealth relationship for both you and your family. We know how important legacy and succession planning is – do you?

Reach out to one of the Investment Advisors at Cook & Associates if you want to start building your legacy today.  


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Important Notices

Women-centric financial advisory teams offer investors a unique perspective

Our team was featured in the Globe and Mail in 2020, in which the article recognized the importance and rarity of women in wealth management. The article titled: “Women-centric financial advisory teams offer investors a unique perspective” by Helen Burnett-Nichols notes that our shared work ethic and investment philosophy is what brought the team together. We feel that our team dynamic gives a unique and fresh perspective to what it means to be an investment advisory team.


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