Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is always based first on the objectives and risk tolerance of each client. Investment selections are properly focussed once we have gone through the process of identifying who you are, what the funds are for, and when they will be used.

We believe in a strict adherence to a long term asset mix, as this allows us to take measured risk where appropriate and to weather difficult markets with confidence.

We select investments based on an analysis of their potential in varying market scenarios, with an emphasis on capital preservation.

Tax Planning

ax considerations may be an important factor with regard to investment decisions. While indiviudal tax questions are best left to your tax advisor, we do stay on top of relevant news.

Some important considerations that may involve your portfolio are:

Taxation from different types of investments. How Investment Income is taxed

Minimizing capital gains tax. Strategies to minimize Capital Gains taxes.

Income splitting opportunties. Pension Income Splitting Provides Tax Planning Opportunities

US holdings. Tax and Estate consequences of Investing in the United States.