Our Process



This is our first occasion to get to know you.  We will meet with you to discuss your current personal and financial situation but also to gain an understanding of your future goals.  Before this meeting we will give you a sense for what documents will be helpful to bring along so that we can ensure we have a thorough framework to move to the next steps of our process.

Financial Plan

Based on our initial consultation, we will develop a Financial Plan that reflects your current financial situation and future goals.  This plan may be very simple or very detailed depending on your needs at this stage.  It can incorporate Retirement Planning, Will and Estate and Trust Planning, Insurance Planning, Education Planning.  It may have an element of Budget and Cash flow as well as a Net Worth synopsis.  The Financial Plan is both a snapshot of your current financial position and a roadmap to assist in achieving your goals.  It is tailored specifically for you and your family and it becomes the main tool we refer back to in order to ensure we are consistently working toward achieving your goals.

Investment Policy Statement and Proposal

Now that we have a thorough understanding of where you are today and where you wish to be in the future we can develop a proposal to reflect our recommendations for your investments.  Here we consider your current financial situation, your risk tolerance and your time horizon to customize an appropriate investment management blueprint in keeping with your objectives.  Once we come to an agreement and mutual understanding, we proceed to implement the plan and deploy the investments.

In some cases this is also the time at which we engage some of our extended team members to address more complex Insurance or Estate requirements which we may need to integrate into your wealth plan.

Monitoring and Ongoing Services

Our team will monitor the markets and recommend adjusting portfolios as conditions warrant.  We will continue to oversee your account and provide ongoing client service and administrative support. We will alert you to any events our team or firm may be offering.  We will ensure that your tax information is provided to you.  We will be available should you have any questions.

Regular Reviews

At the outset we will develop a schedule of reviews for your account.  This is a set time where we will meet with you to review everything relating to your accounts.  It is a chance for us to bring you up-to-date with where things stand and for us to ensure we have been apprised of anything new that may have transpired in your life that may affect our progress.  By communicating at regular intervals we are able to keep on track and meet your objectives.