"Our investment strategies are dedicated to reducing risk to invested capital while seeking long term wealth creation, thus providing an income that can be relied upon for one’s entire retirement”

A Tailored Approach to Your Portfolio:

The McCrady Rourke Advisory offers more than just investment advice. Managing investments to ensure growth, preservation and income flow is the heart of what we do. Each client has different circumstances that we must invest portfolios within. One’s stage of life, and tolerance for risk is unique to each individual. With over 60 years combined experience dealing not only with volatile stock markets, but also with different client’s varying investment needs, Ross McCrady, and Sean Rourke, have become one of the top Advisory groups our firm has to offer across all of Canada.

Our Investment Philosophy:

Once the appropriate mix of risk, and reduced risk assets are agreed upon by the client, we will implement an investment strategy on behalf of the client. This may include discretionary portfolios that include Growth stocks, Dividend stocks, Quantitative trading strategies, Bonds, Preferred Shares, or Alternative Investment strategies, otherwise more commonly known as Hedge(d) funds.

Clients We Attract:

High Net Worth Families, Successful Business Owners, Professionals, all who are “Accredited Investors”. We also deal with Institutional clients such as Charitable Organizations, Foundations, Trust Funds, and Corporations.