Our Approach

1. We don't believe in diversifying for the sake of diversifying.
2. It's patience that makes a millionaire, not the investment.
3. Markets are difficult to time, but market trends can be more predictable.
4. During periods of volatility, non-correlation between asset classes evaporates.
5. Old asset allocation models are dangerously flawed.
6. Wealth building requires concentrated positions.
7. Markets are not a random walk, thus technical analysis is a useful tool.
8. Fundamental and technical analysis are most potent when combined.

Our Five Step Process:

1. "Money is a Means to an End" - What do you need your money to do?
2. "Asset Allocation is Critical" - How much risk are you willing to take?
3. "Managing Expectations will make or break the Plan" - Are your expectations realistic?
4. "Dig the well before you are Thirsty" - Develop an investment proposal that will help achieve your future finacial goals.
5. "A Journey starts with a Single Step" -Implement and monitor the portfolio proposal.