Understands Risk

"Bonnie is pragmatic and level-headed. She never overreacts when markets do but finds the sweet spot between too much risk and not enough." KSL - December/2018

"Elias is communicative, thoughtful and thorough. He considers returns in the context of risk; "How much risk am I taking to potentially achieve this return". This is what attracts me to Elias' philosophy in managing my family's wealth." MO - July/2021


Strategic Focus

"Bonnie listens well and understands my investment strategy intimately. She is a good resource for education about investment matters, and she gets me detailed investment data when asked. She makes investment suggestions that are always well related to my strategy, but she is not an advisor who is constantly urging me to trade." PJN - December/2018

"I trust Elias with my families' future. Period. I know he has our best interests in mind and he is great at communicating the intricacies of executing our strategy. I rely heavily on Elias to teach me and explain the 'why' of what we are doing." JD - June/2021 


Sound Advice

"Bonnie Richmond has been my Wealth Management Advisor for almost three years. As a nervous novice to financial investing, I greatly appreciate and value her knowledgeable, practical, sound advice to assist me in understanding my investment choices." NG - December/2018

"Elias took the time to help our family appreciate the importance of financial planning. He focused on understanding our long-term financial objectives, dreams and life goals (both quantitatively and qualitatively). We truly value the great performance, however, more impressive has been the returns when considering the risk underlying our portfolio." MO - July/2021

Goes the Distance

"I have been working with Bonnie Richmond as my financial advisor for more than 20 years. I appreciate her diligence, honesty and willingness to dig deep when finding options to best suit my portfolio." ML - December/2018

"Elias consistently over-delivers. He has my best interest in mind and has proven this, time and time again. Elias has CONSISTENTLY proven that he is fully committed to delivering excellence and most importantly RESULTS. It has been 10 years and my investments throughout these years have grown exponentially. I completely trust Elias and consolidated all my investments with him." MY - July/2021

Ability to Articulate

"Bonnie’s strength lies in her social work background, allowing her to develop a deep rapport with her clients. She has the patience and ability to articulate, in layman’s terms, the various investment, estate planning instruments and more importantly, the relevancy, advantages, disadvantages of various strategies." L+Y - December/2018

"Elias is young, energetic, and doesn't take our business for granted. I trust he has our best interests in mind, and he understands our goals. He is responsive and takes my concerns seriously. He always takes the time to explain things to me in a respectful and thorough manner." CR - July/2021


The opinions expressed above are those of the named client author and are in no way representative of the views of all clients. Client testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding outcome of your investments

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