We provide each of our clients with a specific portfolio of high quality investments that provide growth, income, and security within their defined objectives.  Utilizing BMO Capital Markets’ industry leading investment, economic, and fixed income research, we are able to select these investments from both the Canadian and US marketplaces. Our clients include individuals, corporations, government institutions, family partnerships and family trusts.


Retail Clients

At the heart of our success lies the relationship that we hold with our clients.  We are honoured that many individuals have entrusted us as their advisor and it is important that we thank them for their loyalty.  It is this loyalty that we are determined to retain and continue to build upon well into the future.


Institutional Clients

We have also established many Institutional Client relationships as a unique facet of our business.  The core service and relationship that we provide does not differ from Retail to Institutional clients. If you would like more information on this area of our business, please contact us directly or by following the link below.