An expertise tailored to your needs
With more than 31 years of experience, Patrick has built his solid reputation on the quality of investment services and advice he provides. A thorough knowledge and understanding of his clients and their needs, enables him to offer them a fully  customized portfolio for both their short- and long-term investment goals. Patrick feels it is critical to maintain regular and active contact with his clients to be able to offer them investment solutions tailored to their specific circumstances.
Based on the risk tolerance level and tax bracket of each client, Patrick will suggest an appropriate allocation of fixed income instruments, equities and mutual funds. Every portfolio he presents to his clients is both balanced and properly diversified while meeting the client’s investment objectives.
To meet your retirement goals, you must develop a plan and follow it. Whether you’re more concerned with the investment side of retirement planning or simply learn more about how to maximize your family’s resources, there exist several simple and efficient approaches to minimize and defer income taxes while protecting accumulated capital. Each year, Patrick suggests his clients undertake a complete review of their plan with the help of the WealthPath, a planning software that provides a clear picture of their current situation and the options available to them to achieve their retirement goals.
For an appointment or should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our goal is to understand your needs and offer you winning solutions that will help your enjoy a great retirement and make the right financial and investment decisions.
Team Beaumont would like to take this opportunity to thank their clients for their trust over the years. We look forward to continue helping them achieve a comfortable retirement and providing them with financial advice tailored to their personal goals.
Great Advice Pays Off

When it comes to managing your wealth, we can help you navigate whatever comes your way.