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We have all sorts of clients

Our clients come from all backgrounds, with varied and colourful histories and stories. Almost all of our clients have come to us by referral from their friends, families or trusted accountants or lawyers.

Our clients are:

People who have worked hard and have been disciplined savers, thus accumulating substantial wealth
Families with financial assets that need to be preserved and grown in a conservative risk-adjusted manner
Younger investors who realize that a disciplined approach to savings, combined with a sound long-term investment strategy, will build long-term wealth and financial freedom
Retired clients who are in 'spending' mode and are using their financial assets to fund a comfortable retirement
People who are dealing with aging parents as well as raising children, with all the ensuing financial challenges
Three and sometimes four generations of clients within one family, since the efficient transfer of family wealth is very important to our clients

Most clients have numerous accounts in their overall portfolio, and utilize RRSPs, RRIFs, RESPs, TFSAs, personal holdings companies, trusts and even charitable foundations.