BMO WealthPath


A wealth plan that changes as your life changes.


BMO WealthPath® is a financial wealth planning process that can be changed as your life changes. Our simplified, interactive approach to wealth planning helps you feel more connected to your finances.

With BMO WealthPath you can:

•See a visual timeline of your finances and goals pre- and

•Plan in a fully digital platform that makes tracking your goals
easier and quicker.

•Try out different financial “what-if” scenarios to find the best
options for you.

How we start

We’ll start by conducting a discovery session to find out what’s important to you. Once your unique goals and financial situation are captured in WealthPath, your financial picture will come to life. You’ll see where you are, where you want to go and how you can get there.

When your WealthPlan is complete you can go online whenever you want to review your plan and try out different “what-if” scenarios to find the best financial options as your circumstances or goals change.