Specialized wealth leadership for discerning physicians, professionals and business owners.



The structure of BMO Private Wealth allows our team to be as entrepreneurial as the physicians, professionals and business owners we advise. Here, we bring you access to world-class financial options and a broad range of resources from an extended team of partners we trust to operate with your best interests top of mind. We believe BMO Private Wealth is one of the last firms that offers truly unbiased financial planning. It is the ideal place to offer our specialized skill set and consistently put our clients’ needs first. 

Our strong core values help us to build long-lasting relationships to advise clients for the long term:

  • Honesty – by being trustworthy, we earn our clients’ trust.

  • Integrity – we put our clients’ interests first and do the best we can for them at the best possible price.

  • Compassion – we treat clients and partners as we would like to be treated.

  • Responsiveness – our team is readily accessible and provides prompt service and proactive care.

  • Follow-through and accountability – we do what we promise to do.

  • Objectivity – our advice is free of bias; our only agenda is your success.

  • Loyalty – we build long-term, lasting relationships with multiple generations of families.

  • Continuity of service – our team operates like a family and the result is that clients experience little to no turnover.


Our group has expertise in advising medical professionals. We have tremendous respect for their entrepreneurial spirit, the compassion and empathy they show to their patients, the support they receive from their families, and the hard work they devote to helping our communities. Working with physicians and serving their needs is a great privilege.

We provide a complete and integrated suite of wealth management services to help physicians and other professionals to protect and enhance their wealth, plan proactively to for life’s stages and challenges, simplify their lives and enjoy financial confidence. This enables them to devote time to what matters most: their patients, their families and their own well-being.


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