Blueprint Program

Discretionary Management


The BMO Nesbitt Burns Blueprint Program (BluePrint Program) provides access to the Best of BMO investment thinking so you can be confident that your investments are being managed by an experienced team of professionals.The program offers a single investment solution that provides you with a diverse portfolio of securities, aligned to your specific investment goals and tolerance for risk. The BluePrint Program is suitable for investors with $100,000 or more in investable assets. In addition to our traditional portfolios, we also offer three Outcome Oriented Portfolios. These unique portfolios are designed to address specific outcomes – whether your objective is to generate a regular income stream, save for a major goal or put aside something for your loved ones.

All portfolios in the BluePrint Program are individually managed and customized to meet your needs. They are designed to take into account any special circumstances and relevant tax issues that apply to your situation.



Outcome Oriented Defensive Portfolio – Focused on protecting your capital in all market conditions, while maintaining the purchasing power of your assets by investing in a wide range of fixed income assets.

Outcome Oriented Income Portfolio – Focused on generating dependable and reliable income, while looking to preserve and grow your capital to overcome the eroding effects of inflation over time.

Fixed Income Portfolio – Focused on fixed income securities with a minimum rating of “A-“ in order to maintain a high degree of safety of principal.


Tactical Income Portfolio – Focused on generating income with the potential for principal growth through a combination of ETFs that includes asset classes such as real estate investment trusts (REITs), equity income, corporate and international bonds.

Balanced Portfolios – The Canadian portion represents the top Canadian equity stock selections of our BMO Capital Markets’ top-ranked equity research*, coupled with the risk reduction benefits of actively managed fixed income holdings, while adding exposure to the major global regions through the use of mutual funds or ETFs.


Outcome Oriented Growth Portfolio – Focused on achieving long-term capital growth with less volatility than the market.

Tactical Asset Allocation Portfolio – A dual asset class model distinguishing asset classes by volatility through a combination of ETFs, and includes asset classes such as small, mid and large capitalization equities, fixed income, REITs, commodities, high yield bonds, and more.

Income and Growth Portfolio – Primarily focused on high quality Canadian companies that pay and have the ability to grow their dividends. Includes the option to include up to 10% in high yield fixed income securities across different industries.


Canadian Equity PLUS Portfolio – Building on the strength of BMO Capital Markets Canadian large capitalization investment ideas with an allocation to U.S. holdings to provide greater access to opportunities and diversification.

Canadian Equity Portfolio – Represents the top Canadian equity stock selections of our BMO Capital Markets’ top-ranked equity research*.

Global Equity Portfolio – Focused on building equity portfolios that are undervalued relative to the market but of higher quality than the market, while providing downside protection.

U.S. Equity Portfolio – Focused on quantitative modeling techniques combined with fundamental research providing a disciplined and controlled investment process that is consistent and repeatable and is not subject to emotional bias.

With BluePrint, a single monthly or quarterly fee (which varies by type of portfolio and the value of invested assets) covers:

  • The services of your BMO Nesbitt Burns Investment Advisor.
  • Portfolio management services.
  • Custody, administrative and trading costs.
  • Comprehensive quarterly valuation and performance reports.