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Estate Planning

Have you thought about these issues:

  • Will your spouse be financially secure and could your family maintain it’s standard of living if you were to die?

  • How much of your estate will be available to your beneficiaries?

  • How much will be lost to income tax or other estate costs?

  • Have you organized your affairs to minimize the impact of income taxes and other estate costs?

  • If you were to become mentally and/or physically incapacitated, do you have Powers of Attorney to protect your finances and manage your personal care?

With a well-designed estate plan, you can preserve your assets and make sure that they are distributed according to your wishes. If you'd like to learn more about developing an effective estate plan, contact us to arrange a meeting with our Estate & Insurance Advisor.

Get started…get organized. Contact us if you would like a copy of our Estate Information Organizer. This is a tool for assembling and recording important information including the location of your legal documents; details of your current sources of income, insurance policies, assets, liabilities; your personal and professional contacts, club memberships, credit card information; and contact information for your financial advisors.

1The comments included in the publication are not intended to be a definitive analysis of tax law: The comments contained herein are general in nature and professional advice regarding an individual’s particular tax position should be obtained in respect of any person’s specific circumstances.