My Commitment

 I firmly believe that my clients' interests are best served by taking a fully diversified portfolio approach to investing, and employing the principles of dollar-cost-averaging to take advantage of market volatility and enhanced returns. I work closely with my clients to formulate a customized investment strategy designed to help improve portfolio returns, while striving to keep risk at an acceptable level. Whether my clients are conservative investors, or growth-oriented investors, I will design an investment strategy that fits each client's needs.


Financial Planning
Achieving your financial goals takes careful planning, consideration and execution. This process enables you to clarify your priorities so you can focus on achieving your objectives. To attain your goals, you need to know where you are today, where you want to go, how you are going to get there and what you are prepared to do to make sure you reach them.
BMO Nesbitt Burns Advisors use a state-of-the-art financial planning tool to help you achieve your financial goals. Whether your situation is simple or more complex, this tool provides the analytical engine to create a ustomized financial plan. Best of all, the plan is easy to understand.


Retirement Planning
In order to achieve your retirement goals, you need to have a plan. Whether you are focused on the investment component of your retirement plan or want to know more about how to maximize family resources, there are simple, very effective methods to reduce and defer tax on investments, split income, enhance after-tax growth of wealth, and preserve accumulated capital. Through a comprehensive review and the use of our sophisticated planning software, you can have a clear picture of what can be done starting today to help you attain your retirement goals.


Estate Planning
To make sound decisions about estate planning, you need reliable information and access to a wide range of products and services. BMO Nesbitt Burns Financial Services is dedicated to providing both in response to our clients' growing need for estate planning assistance. I will work with an Estate & Insurance Advisor* to combine advanced expertise on estates, insurance, RRSP credit proofing and tax planning to suit my clients' needs.


1The comments included in this publication are not intended to be a definitive analysis of tax applicability or trust and estates law. The comments contained herein are general in nature and professional advice regarding an individual’s particular tax position should be obtained in respect of any person’s specific circumstances.