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Wealth Building

With success comes new challenges. Building wealth requires a balance between meeting today’s financial needs and investing for the future.

As you progress in your career and your income grows, you become better prepared to meet financial challenges. You may have already accumulated savings or investments in a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA), a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) or in your non-registered investment portfolio and you likely have a clearer picture of your financial situation than when you were first starting out. But could you be doing even better?

Building for the future
This may be the right time for you and an Investment Advisor to delve more deeply into your evolving financial life and explore how you can effectively build and manage your wealth. A careful review of your finances and investments will clarify your financial picture and prepare you for the future. For more information, please complete this

Some of the questions you may be asking at this stage of life include:
• What are the most effective ways to invest?
• How can I meet daily financial challenges and still maximize RRSP contributions?
• What’s the best way to save for my children’s education?
• Does it make sense to pay down the mortgage and other debt as quickly as possible?
• What kind of insurance coverage do I need?

Some of the questions you may be asking at this stage of life include:
• What are the most effective ways to invest?
• How can I meet daily financial challenges and still maximize RRSP contributions?
• What’s the best way to save for my children’s education?
• Does it make sense to pay down the mortgage and other debt as quickly as possible?
• What kind of insurance coverage do I need?

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Retirement Planning

If you’re like most of us, you dream of a secure and comfortable retirement, but are unsure that you’re on track to achieve it. The best way to make that dream a reality is to start planning now.

Canadians’ retirement goals are as diverse as our country. But no matter how simple or grand your retirement dreams may be, it will take careful planning to bring them to life. You can do that with the help of the Jordan Daiter Wealth Management Group.

How we can help

At The Jordan Daiter Wealth Management Group, we’re retirement experts. We know that anyone planning for retirement today faces unique challenges. Today’s boomers are not only looking at funding a long retirement as life expectancy increases, many will also face challenges such as rising medical costs, and the absence of guaranteed workplace pensions enjoyed by previous generations.

We know that you expect more from your retirement stage of life, and we’ll work with you to understand your own vision of retirement. Do you want to retire early, before 60? Or perhaps, like more and more of us, you are looking to ease into retirement by gradually decreasing your work time, or working part time beyond the traditional retirement age. Whatever your vision of a comfortable retirement may be, you’ll get the guidance and reassurance you need from The Jordan Daiter Wealth Management Group. For more information please complete this

Your customized plan
Using sophisticated planning tools and professional expertise, we can create a clear picture of your retirement finances. We can show you whether you’re on the right track to saving and investing for a retirement that could last 25 to 30 years or even more.

We will create an individual wealth analysis that reflects your retirement lifestyle goals, your financial objectives, your current and future financial circumstances and your potential to save and invest. You’ll have a comprehensive picture of your current and future sources of income — including government programs, company pension plans, RRSPs, employment income and investments. We will even factor in the future impact of inflation and taxes.

Once we have a clearer picture, we will work with you to devise a saving and investment strategy that will allow you to achieve your wealth management objectives, including retirement.

Putting your strategy to work
We can access products and services from across the BMO Nesbitt Burns and BMO Financial Group network that will put your strategy to work. And as you move through life, we will show you how to protect and preserve the retirement wealth you’ve built.

To get started on building a personalized retirement plan, contact us at 416-359-4602

Advice in action
Rebecca is the owner of a chic clothing store in her city’s entertainment district. Now 37 and living on her own, Rebecca is hoping she can save and invest enough to retire earlier than the traditional retirement age. She has no children, and her first marriage ended years ago. Her business was thriving until it was hit hard by the recession, and she realizes she can no longer count on the sale of her business alone to fund the retirement lifestyle she has planned.

Rebecca has $240,000 in her RRSP. In some years she has contributed the maximum, other years less. She wants to know how much wealth she’ll need if she wants to retire at age 55, and how to set up an investment strategy for meeting that goal.

The Jordan Daiter Wealth Management Group can work with Rebecca to achieve her goal of retiring at 55. We can assess her specific retirement needs — including calculating the income she’ll require at retirement, how much wealth it will take to generate that income, and the amount she’ll need to invest now, and in coming years, to build that wealth. We can help her immediately refocus her finances and investments to reach her retirement dream, as well as her other financial goals.

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Estate and Insurance

Are you concerned about passing along your wealth to the next generation? Leaving a lasting gift to your community? Do you feel less than confident that your own affairs are in order? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could benefit from a plan tailored to your unique circumstances.

An effective estate and insurance plan can help you organize your assets, minimize taxes and pass along your estate in the manner you intend. The Jordan Daiter Wealth Management Group can help you explore your estate and insurance planning needs and coordinate the development of your plan.

Expert Advice

We will collaborate closely with you and your other trusted advisors to help you address key issues.

•How to ensure the instructions in your will are consistent with how your financial affairs and assets are managed.
•How to protect assets from taxes and unnecessary probate (the sometimes complex and costly process of establishing the legal validity of a will).
•How to manage the fair and timely distribution of your estate according to your wishes.
•How an insurance strategy may preserve or enhance your estate and protect your family in the event of your death.
•How to minimize capital gains taxes during and after your lifetime.
•How to preserve funds in your RRSPs or RRIFs for your heirs.
•How to establish powers of attorney (mandates in Quebec) to protect and manage your finances and personal care if you become incapacitated.

By working with our team of Investment, Estate & Insurance Advisors, you can develop a plan that compliments your current financial situation and communicates your wishes for the future. When necessary, we’ll work with your other advisors, including your accountant and lawyer. We will review your plan with you so it continues to reflect changes in your life. For more information please complete this

Advice in action: Paul and Deborah

Paul and Deborah have a close-knit family, including three grown children. Now in their early 60s, they are financially successful. They have an extensive investment portfolio, own rental properties and like to relax at the family island cottage they built 25 years ago.

One of their key financial goals is to leave significant inheritances – including the family cottage – for their children. Because one son and one daughter are living on the other side of the country, it seems practical to leave the cottage to their other son, who lives only 100 kilometres away. Paul and Deborah want to treat their children fairly, so they want to provide equally for the children who won’t share in the cottage. They’re also looking forward to continuing to live the comfortable life they’ve established for themselves when they retire.

Our group can show Paul and Deborah how an estate and insurance plan can help them preserve their assets and ensure a fair distribution of their legacy among their children, and refer them to appropriate professionals who can assist them with legal, tax and estate-planning issues. With a plan in place, we can help them better structure their investments to meet their current needs and long-term goals, while maximizing tax savings. Their Estate & Insurance Advisor can also help the couple explore life insurance and other strategies to ensure fair distribution of their estate.

All insurance products and advice are offered through BMO Nesbitt Burns Financial Services Inc. by licensed life insurance agents, and, in Quebec, by financial security advisors.

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Personal Investing

BMO Nesbitt Burns offers a wide range of solutions and services that are right for you. Whether you’re an individual investor seeking to choose from a variety of investment options or a company interested in helping employees achieve their financial goals, you’ll have everything you will need when you work with the Jordan Daiter Wealth Management Group.

Reach your long-term goals with equities
Our team will help you find equity investments that are right for you. We will take the time to get to know you and your situation, you can be sure of equity recommendations that will position you to reach your financial goals.

Once we have worked together to select the right stocks, you can aim for higher long-term returns by reinvesting dividends paid by those investments. Dividend payments are used to automatically purchase additional shares, without incurring trading commissions.

Meet your income needs with fixed-income investments
No matter what your fixed-income investment goals, our group can help you find investments that are appropriate for your portfolio. Whether you’re looking to invest for the short term in money markets, or are interested in long-term bonds, our wide range of fixed-income products and competitive pricing will meet your needs. We offer a wide selection of…
• GICs
• Money Market Securities
• Bonds and Debentures
• Strip Bonds

For more information, please complete this

Invest conveniently with mutual funds
Mutual funds are a popular choice for those seeking a convenient, one-stop solution to portfolio diversification.

The Jordan Daiter Wealth Management Group gives you access to a vast selection of mutual funds. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure the funds you select are right for your investment needs.

Fee-Based & Managed Programs
BMO Nesbitt Burns’ fee-based and managed investment programs are highly customized to meet the needs of specialized investors.

Fee-based and managed programs are an alternative to traditional investing. BMO Nesbitt Burns offers both "discretionary” and "non-discretionary” wealth management programs. Discretionary programs provide access to portfolios that are professionally managed on your behalf, while non-discretionary programs offer a traditional relationship with BMO Nesbitt Burns that provides the flexibility to invest as you see fit, without commissions.
Our programs typically charge a monthly, quarterly or annual fee. In some cases, the fee is based on the value of your assets.

Cash Management
Combine banking services with the flexibility of your BMO Nesbitt Burns investment account. In addition to convenience, combining your finances means The Jordan Daiter Wealth Management team can help you with a broader spectrum of your financial needs.

Our cash management account will serve you well today and in the future. It can even make your financial transition to retirement easier. All your retirement income sources can be deposited directly into a single BMO Nesbitt Burns account, where you can access funds for monthly income and other expenses.

Our BMO Nesbitt Burns Preferred Plus Account combines a regular BMO Nesbitt Burns investment account with a BMO Bank of Montreal chequing account. You get around-the-clock access to your funds, with a preferential rate of interest paid on cash balances.

Registered Products: Everything you need to plan your retirement
The Jordan Daiter Wealth Management Group can help you realize your retirement goals. Our group has the expertise to address the most sophisticated wealth needs with our wide range of retirement wealth management solutions to help you build and protect your retirement investments. We can develop and implement a personalized retirement strategy, taking advantage of the many benefits of registered plans. Whether you’re saving for retirement through an RRSP or using a RRIF to create retirement income, we will work with you to find a solution unique to your needs.

• Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)
• Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF)
• Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)
• Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)
• Locked In Plans

Group Pensions
Increasingly, employees are looking to their employers for help in planning and investing for the future. If you’re an employer, you can make your employees’ financial goals more attainable by offering group plans or Individual Pension Plans.

Group plans
BMO Nesbitt Burns offers an integrated array of products and services designed to cover a wide range of employee saving and investing needs — including retirement and children’s education.

Individual Pension Plan
High-income executives and incorporated professionals often have retirement planning needs that go beyond the scope of RRSPs. An IPP can help meet those needs.

BMO Nesbitt Burns Charitable Giving Program
The BMO Nesbitt Burns Charitable Giving Program can help you create a legacy through your own donor-advised fund.

A donor-advised fund is a charitable fund established by you and administered by a third party. Typically, a portion of the income generated by the amount donated supports your named charity or charities. This provides those causes with an income stream and creates an enduring legacy for you. It can also enable you to realize considerable tax advantages. A donor-advised fund can be set up while you’re alive or as part of your estate plan.

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Philanthropic Planning

Financial success offers the opportunity for more than personal satisfaction. Put some of the wealth you've accumulated to work for future generations by leaving a legacy.

Giving back to your community or shaping the future by endowing developments in educational, cultural or faith institutions are ideal ways to leave a lasting legacy. Our team can work with you to create a philanthropic strategy, and decide whether to contribute now or through your estate.

Tax-advantaged Charitable Giving
With proper planning, you can reduce your total tax liability and maximize the value of your donations by donating the share directly instead of selling the shares and then donating the cash proceeds.

Charitable giving has always been an important part of social history and the spirit that inspires it is universal. A desire to give is part of the legacy we want to leave behind. In an effort to increase charitable donations, the federal government has created tax incentives when you donate appreciated securities to a registered charity. Securities that qualify for special tax treatment include shares, bonds and mutual funds listed on a prescribed stock exchange. As a result, with proper planning, you can reduce your total tax liability and maximize the value of your donations by donating the share directly instead of selling the shares and then donating the cash proceeds.

Here’s how it works: if you are planning to make a $20,000 donation and you happen to have shares worth $20,000 (that cost you $10,000) you can either sell the shares and donate cash or donate the shares directly. Let’s assume that you pay tax at 45% and that you’ve already donated $200 so far so that any additional donations generate a tax credit at the top rate.

• Sell shares and donate $20,000
• You’ll pay capital gains tax of $2,250 (45% tax on one half of the $10,000 gain)
• The $20,000 donation tax credit will result in a tax savings of $9,000 (45% X $20,000)
• RESULT: you’ve given away $20,000 but the tax savings were $6,750 (the difference between the capital gains tax of $2,250 and the donation tax credit of $9,000)
• Donate shares
• There is no capital gains tax at the time you make the donation.
• The $20,000 donation tax credit will result in a tax savings of $9,000 (same as above)
• RESULT: you’ve given away $20,000 but your tax savings are the full $9,000

Whether you donate cash or the shares directly, you will receive a tax receipt for the full amount of the donation regardless of how the capital gain is treated for tax purposes. You may also donate shares acquired through employee stock options and flow-through shares but since these rules are more complex, you should consult with your tax advisor to determine what’s appropriate for your situation.

December is an important month for charitable giving and year-end tax planning. This year, take a more strategic approach by combining the two. To make the kind of impact you want, giving requires as much planning as does saving and investing. The role of an investment advisor is to both identify and help you understand all of your options and assist you in making informed decisions around your charitable giving.

How we can help
The Jordan Daiter Wealth Management Group will work with you to create a philanthropic strategy, and help you decide whether to contribute now or through your estate.

We can also help you plan your investments to create wealth specifically for the purposes of philanthropy. We'll show you how to make philanthropy an integral part of your financial life, while continuing to meet all your other goals.

If you're looking for an innovative way to create a flexible legacy with at least $25,000 to donate, we can introduce you to the BMO Nesbitt Burns Charitable Giving Program. This is a convenient, tax-effective way to give money to your favourite causes without administrative responsibilities.

For help with your charitable giving strategy or for more information about the BMO Nesbitt Burns Charitable Giving Program, contact us at 416-359-4602. For more information please complete this

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Financial Planning
It’s a good idea to fine tune your financial plan regularly, and with expert help, to ensure you are maximizing your financial potential. No matter where you are in life, The Jordan Daiter Wealth Management Group can help you achieve that balance with a comprehensive financial plan.

How do you envision your future? Are you looking forward to tackling new challenges like starting a business or achieving greater success on your current path? Or, would you simply welcome the peace of mind that comes from feeling in control of your finances and in a position to handle life’s many surprises?

How we can help
We will take the time to know you and your situation, to help you build a plan that is right for your goals and your life. When you work with us to plan your finances and investments, you’ll explore the following key elements of a solid financial plan.

Expert Advice
We will focus on understanding your individual needs and creating custom solutions to meet them. You’ll thereby gain the confidence that comes from knowing you have a comprehensive financial plan designed specifically for you.

We will also look at your complete financial picture. Through BMO Nesbitt Burns, you’ll have access to all the wealth solutions and services you’ll need to make your financial plan as effective as possible. And through BMO Financial Group, we can also arrange to meet all your other financial needs.

Once your custom plan and investment strategy are in place, we will help you stay focused on your goals and provide regular reviews. That way, when your life or financial needs change, we will be there to help adjust your plan and strategy accordingly.

Get started on your financial plan now. For more information please complete this

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