Portfolio Investment Programs



The Architect Program is our most advanced investment solution which provides clients with the highest level of customization and diversification. This unique solution provides access to world-class institutional money managers that align specific investment preferences and tolerance for risk. With Architect, you’ll also have rigorous oversight performed by Nesbitt Burns’ highly experienced due diligence team.

Your Nesbitt Burns Advisor and the portfolio manager work together to ensure that the accounts are constantly re-balanced to match your investment objective and maximize your investment returns.


Top-25 Dividend and Income Portfolio


The Dividend and Income Guided Portfolio is an equally-weighted portfolio comprised of 25 large and mid-cap Canadian and US stocks that have a strong dividend-growth profile. The Nesbitt Burns Portfolio Action Team hand selects each of the stocks based on fundamental, quantitative and technical analysis. The portfolio favours stocks with consistency and predictability of income over the potential for capital gains. This portfolio has an excellent long term performance and has the added security of a high dividend cash flow to help protect your downside and enhance upside return.