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At BMO Nesbitt Burns, we work to serve you with our top-ranked research and customizable approach. We understand your situation is unique and may require a different approach than others'. That is why we offer direct personalized service by making investment decisions and recommendations for your future.


BMO Nesbitt Burns Meridian Program


Meridian is a non-discretionary, fee-based brokerage program offering clients the benefits of advisor-based, full-service investing. This innovative program provides you with the benefits of an overall holistic approach to managing your entire wealth situation, the ability to hold almost any investment vehicle without paying additional costs or fees and regular portfolio monitoring and rebalancing. Clients pay an annual fee, instead of commissions on every transaction.

Meridian allows us to combine top-ranked research and our expertise to develop a portfolio that suits your unique needs. Our single comprehensive annual cost creates a foundation of transparency and trust from the onset of our relationship. 

Meridian allows you to be the direct owner of securities via individually customized portfolios (stocks, bonds, preferred shares, exchange traded funds, guaranteed investment certificates, convertible debentures). We work in your best interest to ensure your future is secure through the advice we provide. 

Our portfolios are comprised of highly vetted and researched individual securities from our team of analysts and do not form part of any product that is proprietary to the Bank of Montreal. This ensures we are acting in the best interest for you, your goals and ultimately your future.

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