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My Mission

How can I help?

In today's world investing can be a complex and time-consuming activity. In order to achieve financial success and security, it is essential you have a comprehensive, long-term investment program. I can assist you in meeting this challenge through a diversified approach to investing.

Your personalized investment plan will take into account your unique requirements:
  • income and security needs,

  • tax considerations,

  • current portfolio,

  • past investment experience and

  • your comfort with risk as well as

  • life insurance needs

Whether you are saving for retirement, building an education fund for your children, saving for a home or other major purchase, or managing your own business, you can be confident that I will give you the personal attention and professional expertise you require to help you achieve financial success.

About BMO Nesbitt Burns:

BMO Nesbitt Burns is a recognized expert and opinion leader in investment and economic research. With more top-ranked analysts than any other Canadian investment firm, BMO Nesbitt Burns provides research on over 330 Canadian companies (according to the Brendan Wood 1999 Survey of Research Rankings). On the U.S. side, BMO Nesbitt Burns offers you the most comprehensive investment research supplied by our in-house U.S. analysts and three leading research firms.

In the mutual fund area, the mandate of BMO Nesbitt Burns is to provide the most comprehensive research information and advice available in Canada. With over 2,000 mutual funds available for sale in Canada, selecting the right funds to meet your specific needs is a challenging process. Extensive research forms the basis for the BMO Nesbitt Burns "recommended list" of mutual funds, which Joel uses to select funds that meet your needs within each broad investment category.

Business Beliefs
    I believe that it is imperative that I earn your trust and establish credibility to deserve the role of your "most trusted advisor"
  • I believe that wealth management success is the result of implying a disciplined process and staying on course

  • I believe that a successful financial strategy is simply the means to an end; it is a refection of who you are and what is truly important to you. Ultimately it will allow you to achieve your goals.

  • I believe that you and your circumstances are unique and your beliefs and personal values should always remain at the core of every strategy and plan we put in to place

  • I believe clients need flexible, customized solutions that help reduce tax, minimize risk as well as create, preserve, and grow your personal wealth.

The role of life insurance

Life insurance can be an important component of your estate plan. When a beneficiary is named the proceeds from the policy bypass probate fees providing more for your beneficiaries. The death benefit can provide the funds to cover any tax liability at the time of your passing, create a larger estate for you heirs, and give you peace of mind that you have protected your loved ones for the future.