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Minimizing Risk/Maximizing Returns

Minimizing Risk/Maximizing Returns

‘Minimizing risk and maximizing returns’ is the subtitle of a book written by Jack Ablin in 2009 and it was a Wall Street journal best seller. The notion that lowering risk will lead to better returns for investors is contrary to conventional wisdom. Jack Ablin manages a very cost effective portfolio for our clients under our Blueprint program, which would be be suitable for many investors. (Min. $100,000) I would be glad to discuss this with you to help determine whether it would be appropriate in helping you achieve your goals.

From extensive research and analysis, our firm believes that dividend strategies continue to provide an attractive income opportunity. More importantly, our research reports that it’s important to focus not just on stocks that pay a high dividend, but rather, to look for companies that pay a good dividend and have good growth potential. This includes looking well beyond Canada.

For my clients the first priority is preservation of capital. In the long run, most clients will be better off by minimizing losses rather than trying to maximize returns.

CRITICAL ILLNESS- Reducing another kind of risk

This is something we should discuss. What are some of the financial effects of being diagnosed with a critical illness? Are there mortgage payments to be made and children’s education to pay for? Home modifications required? Private nursing; medications; Travel and accommodation costs?

A critical illness such as cancer, heart attack, or a stroke, can be more devastating than death. With medical advances, people are surviving many critical illnesses and with this, may come a significant financial burden.

This is not disabililty insurance. Critical Illness insurance can ease the financial burden of a life-altering illness by providing a lump sum cash payment after the medical diagnosis of a critical illness.

There is no requirement for how you spend the lump-sum benefit that you receive. Critical illness insurance provides a lump-sum payment to be used however you see fit!

Critical illness insured conditions are:

• Alzheimer’s Disease
• Blindness
• Deafness
• Heart Attack
• Life-Threatening Cancer
• Stroke
• Kidney Failure
• Loss of Independent Existence
• Parkinson’s Disease
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Paralysis

just to name a few.

For some, the onset of a critical illness can have serious financial consequences.

Many people get a house alarm system after they’ve been broken into. But you can’t get this insurance after it’s happened.

All insurance products, including advice, are offered through BMO Nesbitt Burns Financial Services Inc. by licensed life insurance agents, and, in Quebec, by financial security advisors.