Frequent Client Contact

Joanne’s clients include business owners, successful professionals and retirees. Her strengths lie in her experience, knowledge and relaxed, no pressure approach with clients. Discussing financial matters with Joanne is really like meeting for coffee with a trusted friend. But, the added benefit is that this trusted friend has the expertise to match each client's unique situations with sound investment strategies, and will always stay within a predetermined risk level. Joanne consistently achieve their clients' goals.

What her current clients really like is that they don't feel like, 'just another client.' Joanne makes a point of seeing that each client receives the contact and feedback that fits within their own personal comfort level.




Flexibility with Clients

Another one Joanne’s strengths is their flexibility with clients. She makes you feel comfortable and at ease whether it's your first meeting with an Investment Advisor and you're planning for the future, or you are a seasoned and serious investor with aggressive goals.

Organization is Key

The one service she provides that generates a lot of relief for clients is systematically organizing your financial records and documents, and providing a system to stay organized. Many clients have records of investments and RRSP’s, which they don’t understand and many times can’t find when they need them. For her clients she provides in home, one-on-one consultation - to get your affairs sorted out and in order.

Measuring Performance

After you are organized, it’s very important that there is a way to measure your investment’s performance. It’s very common to hear that people cannot tell from their statements whether they are making or losing money. It’s very important that you know your:

  • Rate of return

  • The cost and current value of your total investments

  • That you have a thorough understanding of your investments

  • That you understand your investment statements

  • Portfolio is rebalanced regularly in light of current market conditions.


Appropriate Financial Planning


Whether you are planning to ensure your heirs receive your estate with the least tax and minimum of administration, or trying to decide what to do with a payout from an previous employer, this requires careful assessment as the consequences of the decisions can be very significant and irreversible.

Joanne is a qualified Wealth Advisor with significant experience.

But equally important, BMO Nesbitt Burns has one of the best financial planning departments with exceptional staff, with backgrounds in accounting and law. These colleagues work closely with Joanne to provide consultation with any given financial planning situation.

BMO Nesbitt Burns uses state-of-the-art financial planning software, which means you have an excellent analysis which is also very easy to understand.

Finally, underpinning all of this is a very sound investment strategy. Joanne relies on expertise of the BMO Nesbitt Burns’ Research. This is only one of the high quality sources they use in selecting appropriate investments for clients. Portfolios for clients are designed, using individual stocks, bonds, income trusts, equity linked notes, etf’s, and mutual funds. Portfolios are carefully monitored and reviews are conducted regularly with you.

In addition you can easily follow your accounts on-line using using BMO Nesbitt Burns Gateway.


In Summary

This is a very personalized service. Joanne gets your financial matters set up in a matter that you understand and can use. The most highly respected sources are used for investments and financial planning. She will personally report regularly to you on the quality and performance of your investments. She believes that it is not your job to manage your investments and to determine how you are doing. It is our job.

Virtually all of Joanne's clients come to her as the result of knowing one of our existing clients. She intends for this to continue. Advertising and marketing to the general public is and will be very limited. Joanne's strength is not marketing; it is good client service.


You can reach Joanne by phone at (613) 476-9794 or toll-free at 1-800-647-3998 or email at

Your first meeting, and Joanne’s subsequent financial planning advice, are part of the package.