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Investment Management

Helping you grow and preserve your wealth is our top priority.

We manage your investments in a manner that reflects your goals and needs, while applying a prudent and disciplined approach that emphasizes risk management. Diversification across asset classes is monitored closely as a primary means of managing risk within your portfolio.
In addition to understanding your long-term objectives and appetite for risk, we also consider your need for cash flow, stability of returns, and the tax efficiency of your overall investment strategy. Our investment recommendations are based on BMO Capital Markets and select third-party research to make certain that your portfolio is prudently invested and focused on generating long-term returns consistent with your investor profile. 

Solutions and strategies 

 Fee-based & Managed Assets
BMO Nesbitt Burns offers a comprehensive selection of fee based and managed investment programs. These programs are designed to meet the specialized needs of investors who want greater investment flexibility, diversification or that seek a professional portfolio manager to make investment decisions on their behalf – all for a transparent and competitive fee.
BMO Nesbitt Burns Managed Portfolio Account Program®
The BMO Nesbitt Burns Managed Portfolio Account establishes a direct relationship between you and an accredited BMO Nesbitt Burns Portfolio Manager, who oversees your wealth and makes informed investment decisions on your behalf. With your portfolio in the hands of a dedicated professional you trust, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your Portfolio Manager is backed by the extensive knowledge and resources of BMO Financial Group.
Guided by your Investment Policy Statement – which clearly documents your specific needs, goals and tolerance for risk – your BMO Nesbitt Burns Portfolio Manager is able to manage your portfolio in a manner that is consistent with your objectives. One fee covers all portfolio management, trade execution and administration of your account.
 Alternative Investments
For the more sophisticated investor, alternative investments can offer an important source of diversification and returns. Client portfolios can benefit from the addition of alternative investments as they can provide non-correlated returns relative to traditional investments while also focusing on capital preservation and appreciation.
Many hedge fund strategies aim to deliver absolute returns in all market environments and may utilize multiple alternative strategies to try to achieve this goal such as long/short investing, leverage, arbitrage and derivatives. BMO Nesbitt Burns offers access to various types of hedge fund strategies / alternatives. To learn more please contact us.