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Here's what clients are saying about us:

Janice Sumler has been my financial adviser for a few years now.  During that time, Janice has invariably shown a remarkably high level of professional competence, something I had simply not encountered before. 
I was first of all impressed by her ability to assess a client's past financial history, their complex set of perceptions -and at times their wrong assumptions and misconceptions-, as well as their preferences and lifestyle, before recommending the funds that best suit their needs.

Furthermore, and I feel this is just as important, Janice's ability to focus on the relevant issues within the global network, to interpret data, and to read ever-changing trends on the basis of her experience, are invaluable assets I find worthy of mention. As a client, I value knowing that when she deems it necessary, Janice will give me a call and will propose that we meet for a chat to consider, for instance, either minor or more important changes that she thinks it would be wise to effect. 

This brief account would not be complete if I did not mention that besides her steadfast commitment and her impeccable judgment, Janice's engaging personal manner makes me feel confident about calling her to ask for advice, even I fear it may be about a somewhat small matter. It is fair to say that I am privileged and grateful to know Janice.

- Monica L, May 2020

My wife and I have been dealing with Janice Sumler, as our financial advisor, for several years while doing business with the Bank of Montreal.  Janice recently moved over to their partners, BMO Nesbitt Burns and she asked if we would like to come over to join her to continue as our financial advisor under BMO Nesbitt Burns.  We both agreed without hesitation.
Janice is very approachable, easy to get along with, explains things in detail to our satisfaction and compliments our achievements.  Janice addresses any concerns she may have with explanations of the concerns, answers any questions and offers knowledgeable advice to allow us to make an informed decision.
Janice's character reads as someone with a wealth of knowledge in her field, the ability to use that knowledge, a person of trust that is always looking out for our best interests.
Over the years dealing with Janice a rapport of trust, honour and respect has developed and my wife and I consider her a great asset in our financial endeavours but mostly we consider her a friend.
My wife and I wish to thank Janice for all her hard work on our behalf and we would not hesitate to recommend Janice to anyone that is looking for financial advice
- Paris M, May 2020

We have worked with Janice Sumler for quite a few years.  We first met when she was our financial advisor at BMO.  We found her to be extremely personable, knowledgeable and always professional.  We felt that she understood our wants and needs perfectly and was therefore able to guide us in our investments.  There was no question or hesitation on our part to move with her to her current position.  We wanted to stay with Janice because we trust her with our investments and therefore our future.
- Nicki S, May 2020

We have had Janice as our financial advisor since her move to BMO in London Ontario and have been very satisfied and happy with the experience.  When we meet it feels as if we are resuming a long ongoing conversation.  She listens and remembers our preferences, tentative spending plans and problems that we might need to address in the near and distant future and offers good strategic planning.  What is equally important to us is that she never pushes.   We like very much that she explains the reasoning behind her advice.  Janice is well-organized and thorough, and will usually anticipate when we need to have the next meeting, what its goals should be and, if possible, schedule it before we leave.  An extra bonus is that Janice is also a delightful and friendly person. 
 - Mila & Dick, June 2020

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