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We are an independent advisory team that advises, manages and services traditional portfolios of stocks and bonds for individuals, families, charities and corporations.

We are able to offer accounts on an advisory basis, whereby you remain part of the investment equation or if a fully-managed solution is preferred we offer discretionary portfolios.

Our commitment to personalized service means you meet with the people who are making investment decisions for you future. We are only a phone call away from answering any questions you may have regarding an investment recommendation, transferring funds to your bank account or issuing a duplicate tax receipt.

We are proud to be part of BMO Nesbitt Burns and we use the firm’s top-ranked research as the foundation of our investment recommendations.

BMO Nesbitt Burns is an advisory firm run by successful advisors. Since 1912 the firm has had an unwavering belief in the power of the client-advisor relationship. BMO Nesbitt Burns is a core part of the success of Bank of Montreal Financial Group, Canada’s oldest bank founded in 1817.

An Owner's Manual to Investing

Please review this piece from time to time, particularly when markets are falling.