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Honours Bachelor of Arts, University of Toronto

Languages Spoken:
English, Russian

Retirement Income
Asset Value Protection

I focus on two simple, yet powerful things:

1. Investment results

Investing is counter-intuitive exercise. To "buy low and sell high” one has to go against a herd mentality. In order for the price to go down, the majority people have to be pessimistic and fearful; on the other hand for the asset to become overvalued, people should be overly optimistic about the future. The intelligent investor is the one who buys from the pessimist and sells for the profit to the optimist. My job is to help my clients to detach emotions from their investment decisions and stay focused on facts. Discipline is the key to investment success.

2. Proactive communication

For clients to have confidence in their advisor, investment guidance should be proactive, not reactive. I tend to be in touch with my clients more often during market downturns to make sure that they understand what they own in their portfolios and why they own it.

Website overview

This website is designed to give you an good idea what it’s like to be my client.

I have included a description of my investment philosophy under the tab "My Philosophy”.

Under the "Reports” tab, you will find current and past articles that I have published. I tend to write more during times of increased market uncertainty to ensure that my clients maintain their confidence.

Feel free to request a complimentary consultation with me to discuss your investment portfolio and financial plan.

Truly yours,

Igor Manukhov