Planning for retirement is more than a financial decision


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It’s based on what you want out of life and how you want to spend your time. One thing that eases this significant transition is having a plan in place well before you expect to retire.

Your personal retirement journey


When to start retirement planning

For many Canadians, retirement is a time to look forward to – a time to enjoy the benefits of your life’s work and spend time doing what you love. For some, it is also a period of uncertainty – one of life’s most significant transition points. We can help you create a plan that considers your ideal vision of retirement and the lifestyle you want to enjoy in the years leading up to it. We will plan for your goals, expected changes that typically occur throughout retirement, as well as the potential for unforeseen events.

How to start preparing for retirement

A key part of creating your retirement plan is managing your finances. You’ll see how retirement fits in with your other goals including transitioning your business or reducing the number of hours you work. You’ll be able to see when it is feasible for you to retire in the way that you want.


Consider your cross-border needs

Many Canadians spend the winter months in a warmer location, often in the U.S. BMO U.S. has financial products to meet your cross-border needs. Your BMO Private Wealth professional can advise how you can meet your financial needs on both sides of the border.