Our approach is different. Because our clients are different.

What is most important to you? We will tailor a solution specifically for you, to maximize opportunities and mitigate potential challenges down the road. We apply disciplined, holistic, transparent and independent guidance, maintaining open and regular collaborative lines of communication, listening to you, and keeping you informed.

We are here to understand your life priorities and deliver on our commitment to:


1  Assess your financial goals and level of risk tolerance

2 Develop a strategic and effective in-depth plan based on your current financial picture

3 Put your customized investment plan into action

4  Monitoring its progress over both the short and long term, with a responsibility to keep you informed 

5  Meet at your desired frequency to review your portfolio, re-evaluate and re-balance where necessary


Goals-based wealth management

Before we make recommendations regarding your investments or wealth planning, we will devote the time to get to know you and your family, business or practice in depth.
Once we have a sound understanding of your goals, needs, fears, wealth structure, time horizon, liabilities and preferences, we are well positioned to build a tailored portfolio and comprehensive Wealth Plan to address them. We are also available to help you make pragmatic financial decisions that can help you achieve your vision of success.

We can address your priorities by helping you to:

  • Define your short- and long-term goals.

  • Allocate your assets according to your profile and market conditions.

  • Build an optimized, resilient, risk-adjusted, balanced portfolio and Wealth Plan.

  • Transition to an income-generating portfolio in retirement.

  • Design a tax-efficient estate.

  • Plan proactively for major purchases or expenses.

  • Stay up-to-date on the latest tax regulations, industry reforms and global influences.

  • ​Manage multigenerational wealth family planning for your evolving needs.

Whether you are a conservative or a growth-oriented investor, and whether you are at the pre-retirement or post-retirement stage, we will design a prudent investment plan that best suits your needs.

At BMO Private Wealth, we have the ability to build a portfolio that is customized to suit your needs no matter how complex and sophisticated they may be.



First, we will obtain a clear understanding of your long-term objectives, appetite for risk, need for cash flow and stable returns, and the current tax efficiency of your investment strategy.



Then, we will integrate your goals into a portfolio, applying our approach that emphasizes risk management, diversification across asset classes and tax-efficient asset allocation.

Our team builds all-season portfolios designed to thrive even through difficult markets and takes a consistent approach during all cycles. Striving for a good, risk-adjusted return, we look for strong balance sheets and smart management teams within companies that can adjust nimbly to changing needs, trends and unforeseen influences.



Paying attention to your precise risk tolerance, we will design and monitor a unique portfolio based on your individual parameters. Our goal is to maximize your long-term growth potential while creating a tax-wise, consistent income stream for retirement. We will monitor your portfolio regularly and carefully to manage risk and report your progress in meetings with you on an agreed upon schedule.


Due diligence.

Our investment recommendations are based on industry-leading research coverage from BMO Capital Markets and select third-party research to make certain that your portfolio is prudently invested and focused on generating long-term returns consistent with your profile.

We continually rebalance our portfolios to keep our numbers on track. That is, we recalibrate to maintain the asset allocation percentages we have agreed upon. This is key to your long-term success.