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Unlike many other wealth management groups, our team works with a multitude of clients; whether you’re in the prime of your career, transitioning into retirement or retired already, our team of professionals is here to help you plan for whatever life has next.

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We were looking for an investment advisor at one of the two banks we used, including BMO.  We needed more advice, options, and expertise than the annual meetings with whatever advisor was available at RRSP season each year.  We liked Garry Kwan as soon as we met him. He understood right away what we wanted as an investment strategy.  We liked his style of smart investing with a reasonable balance between returns and risk.

As a middle-aged couple, we were not looking for huge growth; just solid, sensible returns over the long term.  Our RRSPs and TFSAs will be our retirement income, so we need safe growth…as much growth as possible and as safe as possible – not an easy challenge.   Before Garry we managed our own investments, but as our assets grew it became clear that we needed professional advice.

Garry understood our position, and helped us revise our strategy and plan sound investments.  His expertise has given us confidence to invest in asset types that we otherwise would not have considered – but still in tune with our risk/return profile.  His analysis of the market trends in equities and bonds has given us a lot more confidence to earn a bit more than we might have on our own (taking the safest route).

Garry is always ready to explain his strategy, his analysis, and his ideas to us, so that we know where and how our money is being invested.  We trust his expertise and advice, but he always takes time to ensure that we understand what he is recommending and why it is appropriate for us.

I would recommend Garry Kwan to anyone looking for sound investment advice and knowledgeable, helpful, guidance in developing their investment portfolio.
G&J - Clients since Dec.2012

I decided to work with Garry at the BMO Nesbitt Burns because I was not satisfied with the financial advisor I was previously working with. I met with a number of investment advisors from various banking and financial institutions prior to making the decision to work with Garry.

Garry has helped me find the right investments that support my lifestyle and risk level for both personal and business endeavours.  In addition, Garry has assisted me with my retirement plan by offering suggestions and long term strategies to meet my goals.

The result has been exceptional for me. I no longer dread opening up my monthly statements.  Garry takes the time to explain his investment suggestions in layman's terms, and answers all my questions thoroughly.

One thing I appreciate is the fact that I get phone calls from Garry, which never happened with my former advisor. He keeps me informed when investments are due or changes are required to my portfolio.  This instills a level of comfort and the knowledge that Garry is looking after my investment and cares about its' outcome.

I found the experience very positive and would not hesitate to recommend Garry.  He is both professional and knowledgeable with a great deal of experience in his field. I look forward to my future investments and continued collaboration with Garry.
MF - client since Jan. 2013

Garry Kwan has been my financial advisor for almost 15 years. Over the years, I have sought Garry's advice and expertise on a wide range of financial issues such as selecting appropriate investment vehicles and strategies,  and estate and retirement planning. His extensive knowledge in many areas of finance has helped me consider the bigger picture when balancing my current and future needs.

Garry is always readily available, through email, in person or by phone. Conversations with Garry are  very informative, timely and never rushed. Garry has taken the time to know me as an individual: my goals, lifestyle, level of experience and tolerance for risk. He has used that information to help me develop my portfolio and provide the financial advice that is right for me. Over the years I have benefitted greatly from the numerous workshops and articles that Garry has provided.

Garry is very personable and easy to approach. In addition to his extensive knowledge and experience,  he truly values the relationships he builds with his clients. He ensures that I never leave a meeting until all of my questions and concerns have been fully addressed. I believe that his ability to understand my goals and anticipate my needs is one of Garry's greatest strengths as an advisor.

I recommend Garry without reservation if you want an advisor who sincerely wants to help you build your personal wealth. He is someone who is willing to invest the time and energy needed to help you build your financial knowledge and to create a concrete plan to help you achieve your personal and financial goals. In these volatile times, it is more important than ever to find an advisor who possesses a high level of knowledge, experience and personal dedication to his clients, and I have had the very good fortune to find such an individual in Garry.
WC - Client since 2001

I approached Garry after researching several different advisors.  I was not at all satisfied with the service I had been getting at my regular advisor and wanted to switch to someone who was more hands on, proactive, and kept watch over my investments on my behalf while still keeping me involved and apprised of changing conditions before it was too late.   Garry has been wonderful in this regard, is very knowledgeable, and makes a concerted effort to educate me and keep me involved and informed, the result being my portfolio is back on track and performing well.  I sincerely appreciate his efforts to maximize my returns while working within my risk tolerance.   Garry truly cares about his clients and makes an effort to get to know them and their goals and works hard to help them achieve them.  I was so satisfied with his approach that I brought my mother's investments to him to manage as well.  We have both found working with him a sincere pleasure and would highly recommend him as an Investment Advisor.
SR - Client since Sept. 2011

 A number of years ago, I approached BMO for information regarding a mortgage or a loan due to a divorce. As a result of that discussion, I was introduced to Garry regarding my RRSP portfolio. At that time my portfolio was all in the hands of one financial firm, which wasn't performing anywhere near my liking. When speaking with Garry, I did a lot of complaining that I wasn't making any money in my RRSP's. I explained it felt as if, all the money that was in the portfolio was a direct result of my deposits only. Very little money in interest had been earned over the years with the other financial institution. During my meeting with Garry, he took the time to respond, advise and recommend what he would do with my account if I were to give him the opportunity to work together. Upon leaving, I was convinced to give Garry a chance by making my investment deposits through Nesbitt Burns on a number of products Garry had recommended and then comparing Garry's performance to the other firm on a semi-annual basis. This went on for a couple years when I again sat down with Garry for a review of my portfolio. At this time, I did agree to transfer all the funds from the other financial institution to Nesbitt Burns.

I am very appreciative of the value of the account today and to be quite honest; I wished I had not waited so long to transfer the funds to Garry. Garry and I review the account whenever I want and Garry has always taken the time to advise on matters that have affected the performance of the products he has recommended. I feel very comfortable with the direction Garry is recommending, as it is inline with a retirement strategy that both Garry and I had worked on and agree with.

The result was a very positive experience and Garry has become a friend due to all the time I do spend with him or on the phone during the years I have now been associated with Garry. Garry is very easy to deal with and I feel he has my best interests at heart. I have another 5 to 8 years remaining at a full time position before I dial it back to suit my schedule in semi-retirement and I like what Garry is recommending during that time to come. I would recommend Garry to everyone I know and have done so on a number of occasions.
KR - client since Feb.2009

My wife and I became acquainted with Garry when he served as our contact at another brokerage.  He impressed us with his attitude and his attention to our account although it was small in dollar value.  When he joined Nesbitt Burns we followed him.

Garry began by providing us with a portfolio containing a balance of income and growth products.  As this account grew, and our confidence with Garry’s recommendations increased we transferred other investments to BMO Nesbitt Burns.

As our relationship developed further Garry provided us with additional advice outside the scope of our investments.  These included insights on succession, estate planning and tax minimization.

One of the things which we continue to appreciate is the fact that he always takes the time to discuss and to explain the investments which he is proposing.  He includes the risks as well as the benefits in terms that we can understand.

I recommend Garry to anyone who is interested in a steady continuing progression in net value in their portfolios.  Not to those who are interested in the newest, most trendy, and riskiest investments.
D&P - Clients since 2001



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