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Our Beliefs

At Hassan Fox Wealth Management, we have 6 core business beliefs.

We believe that risk creates profit.
There is a degree of risk with all decisions and assuming risk without proper due diligence will often lead to poor results (take crossing the street without looking for example). Taking the time to understand the risks of a particular decision in our opinion is far more important than simply steering away from risk altogether. We view risk as a sliding scale - one that moves based on the environment we are presented with.

We believe that most investors have a poor understanding of capital markets.
Part of our role as advisors should be to educate. We believe that a knowledgeable client makes for a better client / advisor relationship. We actively work with our clients to bridge any information gap our clients wish to close.

We believe that most investors are unable to quantify their financial goals.
In our experience, few clients have completed the process of understanding their financial trajectory, risks to their plans and alternatives to mitigate those risks. We have the tools and resources to ensure we are constantly working towards your goals.

We believe that most investment advisors are the same.
As is the case in many professions, our observation is that there are number of investment advisors that are interchangeable. At the Hassan Wealth Advisory Group, we believe in order to stand out in a crowded field, we must remain ahead of the knowledge curve, while providing an outstanding client experience. We are prepared to set the bar high; then exceed expectations.

We believe in a Tactical Investment Strategy.
We believe that money goes to where it is treated best - and where that is is an unanswered question when looking into the future. Whatever returns end up being is a function on how we handle the future, not what has happened in the past. At the Hassan Wealth Management Group, we believe that asset allocation needs to be forward-looking to be relevant for investors' performance in the future.

We believe there are solutions many wealthy families have not yet considered.
Most investors focus on traditional investment solutions to create their future wealth. At the Hassan Wealth Advisory Group, our experience confirms that there are other, lesser explored, means of generating (or in many cases protecting) wealth. Our group is qualified to have meaningful conversations in these lesser explored areas.