Our clients value our incomparable approach to meeting their personal investment needs. Here's what else you can expect from the team at Dionne & Associates:



Our Philosophy. At Dionne & Associates, we take a team-based approach to your wealth management. Rather than one individual coordinating the management of your wealth, our team of specialized advisors work together to ensure you receive personalized service based on your unique needs.


Our Approach. We believe wealth management begins with an overall view of your family’s financial picture and understanding your life goals and challenges. We integrate your personal finances, investments, business assets, real estate, as well as any other pertinent information into a succinct plan. We understand the importance of an integrated approach and see the value in considering all facets of your life.


Not Just Investment Advice. Our team goes beyond simply providing investment advice for our clients. We advise, manage and coordinate our services in the areas of tax and estate planning, insurance, philanthropy, investment management, business strategy and consulting. We firmly believe that coordinating advice with your other trusted advisors ensures that our services are tailored to your family’s objectives.


Ongoing Communication. While we will spend extensive time with you in the first year as a new client, our communication does not end there. Throughout each year, we have regular touch points with you in order to discuss life events, financial performance and cash flow needs.


A Calculated and Tested Approach to Investing. Our experience shows that attempting to forecast and time the market is of minimal benefit to your portfolio’s overall performance. We apply a disciplined and process-driven approach to managing market risk and your assets. Our clients’ portfolios are managed at a fiduciary level and on a discretionary basis.