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The Challenges to your Wealth Accumulation Efforts ARE REAL:

  • From a personal perspective, I firmly believe that a "positive mental attitude” is a vital component of an enjoyable and purposeful life. On top of that, the lives of many people are enriched by thinking in terms of "possibility”, "faith”, "hope”, and "belief”.

  • Having said that, "hope” is not a viable strategy for our investments/savings in my opinion. What is required is a proactive approach to earning profit, and managing risk. The failure of the "buy-and-hold” ("buy-and-hope”) approach has been proven to most over the last 10- 20 years.

  • The probability of another 2008 or similarly devastating bear market crash in stocks is greater than 0 – period (note: it always is). On top of that, interest rates on traditional fixed income investments (i.e. GIC’s, bonds, dividend paying stocks) in most cases remain below the real inflation level. At the same time there is a strong probability that we are in for a long period of rising interest rates (perhaps very slow, perhaps very fast??), in which case there will likely be capital losses to add to those miniscule yields for those investors/savers seeking income. Unknowable risk in stocks, low to negative returns on income products, where does an investor/saver turn for help?

  • I ask you to simply take a bit of time to learn about our strategy for these challenging times, and see if it may suit your needs better than your current strategy. My objective is to help investors/savers achieve peace of mind with regard to their life savings. This is part and parcel of a "positive mental attitude!”