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David Simpson
Gwynneth Simpson

120 King Street West
Suite 1040
Hamilton, ON
L8P 4V2

Conservative Wealth Management
Investment Portfolio and Design
Retirement Planning
Estate Planning

The Simpson Investment Management Group

What We Do

We develop and monitor customized tax-efficient investment solutions which empower individuals to reach their personal and financial goals through each stage of their lives.

Our Business Beliefs
  • We believe that clients are best-served by a skilled, knowledgeable and principled financial advisor
  • We believe that following a disciplined financial plan is critical to reaching one's goals

  • We believe the most important consideration is after-tax returns

  • We believe that diversification is essential to maximizing returns and minimizing risk

  • We believe that equity builds wealth over the long-term

  • We believe that equities belong in almost all portfolios regardless of the client's age

About Our Clients

While we serve a wide range of investors, all of our clients are accumulating sizeable portfolios and seek professional advice on managing their assets and planning for their future. Having peace of mind with their finances is a top priority for our clients. We help them achieve that.