Welcome to Kozier Wealth Management Group


Since 1991, the Kozier Wealth Management Group has ascribed to an unwavering commitment to the principles of integrity, trust, transparency, confidentiality, and respect which provide the foundation for each of our client relationships. 

We provide portfolio management and wealth advice to a select group of clients to help build, manage and protect their wealth and financial independence.

Our clients are active, interesting people - entrepreneurs, business and health care professionals, retirees and affluent families with which we have a genuine rapport; people we connect with and people we can honestly get to know and help.

In a "hands-free" world we are very much "hands-on" because we view our business as very personal.  Our clients enjoy the benefits of a personal, boutique-style service as well as the horse power of a larger organization including financial planning expertise, tax, insurance and estate planning.  In addition, we integrate our work with your accounting and legal professionals to maximize the potential of your wealth management strategy.

Our clients also have a number of things in common: they want long-term, tax efficient, portfolio and wealth management solutions, beyond just accumulating assets. They want a high level of consistent, ongoing service and contact and for us to look at the big picture— short and long-term goals, risk tolerance and to understand the things that are important and unique to them. 

That’s why we invest considerable time and energy getting to know our clients and their families; to better understand where they are today and where they want to be in the future.