Our approach is different. Because our clients are different.

We begin with an individual consultation and assessment of your unique circumstances to clarify your goals, desires and challenges.


We then explore the strategies we can implement to help you make those goals a reality.


We engage our wealth team to expand our services to you so that you are getting the highest quality offering available.



We then create a formalized financial, estate and tax plan offering cash flow projections and a roadmap to your success. This plan also serves as a valuable tool to assist you with your Will preparation with your accountant.


Once we assess your personal risk aversion and investment objectives, we tailor an investment plan that is suitable to both your short and long term needs.


We are now able to monitor the progress towards your goals and consult with you to make any necessary changes and adaptions as needed. We also regularly schedule time with you to keep your priorities relevant and to build a relationship with you beyond the numbers.