The Gayfer Wealth Advisory Group

As a leading wealth advisory group at BMO Private Wealth, we have been serving families since 1998. Our clients have given us overwhelmingly positive reviews.



We are dedicated to simplifying the lives of our clients by handling all the wealth and planning needs of their families.



We have earned the trust of our clients by consistently delivering.



We have decades of experience in all areas of wealth management including tax planning, estate and legacy planning, portfolio management, and risk management.



With Chartered Professional Accountant, Chartered Investment Management, and Personal Financial Planner designations we have the skills needed to address the needs of our clients.


Service Standards

We carefully limit the number of families that we deal with to ensure that we provide the very top level of service that our clients deserve. With a family office like approach, we provide our clients with concierge level, white glove care and counsel.


Niche and Specialities

Our clients are affluent individuals and families. They are often current or past business owners, professionals, or senior executives who may face unique challenges that we are well equipped to handle. As CPA's, we can understand, relate to, and solve these issues.



Our clients tend to be hard working and they value simplicity, privacy, and proactive advice. They desire sound wealth planning and effective risk management to free themselves of these concerns.


Wealth Planning

We believe in multi generational wealth stewardship for families.


Wealth Planning Services

We have a private team of in house experts to develop and maintain a plan for our clients in the following areas:


Tax Efficiency

* ensuring all opportunities for current and future tax efficiency are implemented.


Legacy and Estate

* identify estate issues and opportunities

* ensure maximum estate value net of tax

* develop strategies to fund obligations, wishes, and taxes


Retirement/Cash Flow planning

* develop a tax efficient income strategy to fund retirement


Credit and Banking Services

* effective credit and cash flow management


Business Financial Services

* commercial banking and credit

* cash flow management

* business succession planning


Philanthropic Giving

* establish a donor advised fund or private foundation


Risk Management

* income continuance planning

* asset protection strategies


Investment Philosophy

We believe in proper asset allocation and diversifying the way we store wealth to achieve multi generational wealth stewardship.


Asset Allocation

Our approach to asset allocation is the same as most of the worlds best pension funds, trust funds, and endowment funds. Our client want and need their wealth to stay rock solid through the long term….. no matter what might happen in the world.


We utilize the following asset classes in our investment portfolio:

  • Public Equity

  • Fixed Income

  • Real Assets

  • Hedge or alternative investments

  • Private Equity

  • Other Private assets


Risk Management

Downside risk protection is our first priority. Risk is managed through careful planning and proper diversification in terms of asset type, geography, sector and individual securities.