With so many financial advisors out there, why choose the McKenna Gibbons team?
We listen.
By getting to the heart of who our clients are and what is most important to them, we are able to craft a customized financial plan that will serve as a roadmap to keep them moving forward in the direction of their goals. We believe that a client’s financial plan should be as personal as a fingerprint and should have the flexibility to accommodate any changes that life may bring.
We educate.
By empowering and educating our clients, we ensure that they fully understand their customized financial plan. In an industry where clients often report feeling overwhelmed by information and complex systems, we take the time to simplify and demystify wealth management. The result is that our clients view our relationship as a true partnership.
We collaborate.
We are proud of the unique expertise that our team contributes toward our clients’ goals. Each member of our team brings specific specializations, experience and advice to the table. By engaging in our collaborative team-based approach to wealth management, we are able to combine all of these unique perspectives to drive our clients’ goals forward.