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BMO Nesbitt Burns Gateway gives you online access to your portfolio information 24 hours a day, and the country's top ranked* research online; whenever and wherever you want it. You can now add the Gateway app to your mobile device.


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  • View your holdings in detail in each of your individual accounts or in one consolidated view;

  • View Performance Summary reports such as: Previous Year's Performance Percentage; Average Annual Compound Rate of Return; Monthly/Quarterly and Year-to-date Performance as well as Benchmark Comparison.

  • Sign up for e-documents to receive your monthly statements and trade confirmation through Gateway.  

  • Check past and current transactions

  • Download your holdings and transaction history information into applications such as Microsoft Excel;

  • View tax-adjusted average cost and unrealized gain/loss information;

  • Establish and monitor virtual portfolios;

  • Access prices on quotable securities and obtain customized charts on securities and indices;

  • See the latest news on companies in your portfolios access prices on quotable securities;

  • View a customizable summary of the US and Canadian values of your accounts on the Gateway Home screen;

  • Personalize the naming of your accounts for immediate recognition and define the order in which you view them;

  • Directly link to their Investment Advisor's personal website and e-mail address: access BMO Nesbitt Burns' top-ranked¹ equity research², webcasts, and proprietary mutual fund research, as well as independent third party equity research.