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Managed & Fee Based Portfolios

At BMO Nesbitt Burns, we offer a number of managed portfolio solutions for clients. Access to world-class money managers, top-ranked research and a customized approach to investing are key reasons to consider a managed approach. Below is a brief overview of the options. If you would like further information, please call me to discuss how one of these could work for your investments. ~ Bill

BMO Nesbitt Burns Architect Program
Introducing the next evolution of managed accounts. The Architect Program is a new kind of managed account solution - a unified managed account that brings together the best of mutual fund investing (broad and accessible diversification) with the best of separately managed accounts (institutional money management, customized portfolios, and direct ownership of the underlying securities). All of this is brought together in one coordinated portfolio, with the rigorous oversight and due diligence from our internal and external teams.

Account Minimum - $150,000 Cdn or US

BMO Nesbitt Burns BluePrint Program
As a managed investment portfolio, the BluePrint Program allows you to benefit from the research expertise of our top-ranked institutional equity research analysts. All portfolios in the BluePrint Program are individually managed and are customized to meet your needs. Every quarter you receive a comprehensive personalized Quarterly Review. A single quarterly or monthly fee covers all professional portfolio management services and transactions costs.

Account Minimum - $100,000 (Cdn Equity, Total Equity, Fixed Income and Monthly Pay), $100,000 US (US Equity and Fixed Income), $2.5Million (Trustee Account)

BMO Nesbitt Burns Quadrant Program
The Quadrant Program follows a disciplined investment process using five levels of diversification to minimize risk and decrease volatility in your portfolio. Your assets are strategically allocated by asset class, investment style, market capitalization, investment manager and geographic location. Each Quadrant portfolio consists of specialized mutual funds from SEI Investments (SEI), one of the largest "manager of managers” in the world. An Investment Policy Statement provides the framework on which your portfolio is built and also clearly outlines your asset mix, risk tolerance and investment goals. Quadrant portfolios are monitored on an ongoing basis by BMO Nesbitt Burns to ensure they operate within their stated target asset allocation. An annual fee covers the features and benefits offered by the Quadrant Program and your Investment Advisor.

Minimum Account - $50,000 Cdn

BMO Nesbitt Burns Meridian Program
Meridian is a non-discretionary, fee-based brokerage program offering clients the benefits of advisor-based, full-service investing. This innovative program provides you with the benefits of an overall holistic approach to managing your entire wealth situation, the ability to hold almost any investment vehicle without paying additional costs or fees and regular portfolio monitoring and rebalancing. With a minimum investment of $100,000, clients pay an annual fee, instead of commissions on every transaction.

Account Minimum - $100,000 Cdn or US equivalent

SEI Asset Allocation Funds
This program offers clients a Portfolio Strategy that begins with a personalized investment questionnaire, graduates through the portfolio selection process, in which multiple asset classes, multiple investment styles and multiple specialist money managers are combined to meet investment objectives. This provides broad diversification, access to globally-prominent managers normally available only to large institutional investors, continuous monitoring and re-balancing, and detailed performance reports to keep clients informed.

Account Minimum - $25,000