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Bill Shepherd
Jeff Waite
Karen Theobald

Tel: 705-740-0368
Toll Free: 1800-787-4014


311 George Street N
Peterborough, ON
K9J 3H3

Our Mission

To ensure your long-term financial success by providing you with exceptional investment and financial planning expertise.


Our Philosophy

The Shepherd Wealth Management team focuses on four pillars of wealth management:

An investment professional assists clients in making sound financial decisions. Asset allocation is a key driver in achieving financial goals. We will help by analyzing your goals, time frame, situation and risk tolerance to develop a plan that works for you.

Tax Management
The rules of taxation can be complicated. We help to optimize your tax position by using tax-sheltered investment accounts, tax-preferred investments, and other tax strategies such as tax-loss harvesting.

Financial Planning
A financial plan is a necessity on the road to financial security. Not only can we develop a financial plan, but we will help keep you on track and aware of any potential pitfalls.

Client Contact
Good communication is the foundation of successful relationships. Your life is constantly changing and its important for your investment team to understand your needs. As such, we strive to keep a regular dialogue going, even if it simply means checking in.