Comprehensive Wealth Management

I firmly believe in comprehensive wealth management. This means it is critical to have a thorough understanding of a client’s overall life situation before developing proper financial advice on any one aspect.

This comprehensive wealth management strategy integrates Investment Solutions, Financial Planning and Estate and Insurance Services, education funding and lending services while understanding the importance of minimizing the tax impact on investment portfolios.

”After developing an initial plan, I believe in remaining accountable for the success of the plan through the delivery of top-notch client service. By committing to regular dialogue and reviews with clients, I am able to closely monitor the results as well any changing circumstances so that adjustments can be made when necessary. In this way I can continually ensure that clients are doing all they can to reach their most important financial goals.”

The Team Approach

Since comprehensive wealth management often touches on many areas, I will draw upon a team of professionals, both in house and external, when necessary to be able to bring in qualified specialists in the areas of: Insurance, Estate Planning, Lending, Financial Planning, Tax and Legal. If asked to, my role will be to coordinate these professionals and to act as your "personal CFO” and primary financial advisor.

Investment Management Expertise

The underpinning of wealth management is sound investment management. I have extensive knowledge on all aspects of the investment process and a depth of experience helping individuals make wise investment decisions. Investments range from bonds to equities, income trusts to mutual funds, in taxable accounts or RRSP's, RRIF's and RESP's. Throughout the process, I utilizes the extensive resources of BMO Nesbitt Burns research.

In addition to offering traditional Investment Advice, I also utilize a variety of professionally managed discretionary investment solutions including the Advance Program, BluePrint Program and Quadrant Programs. This industry leading programs use professional portfolio managers and techniques to maximize the potential of your investment portfolio while remaining efficient, simple to understand and time saving and convenient.