Oct 2018

We moved our portfolio to Kingsford & Associates three years ago from a long standing twenty year relationship after an exhaustive search that included both small independents and larger groups in Calgary and Toronto. The quest was to find a “partner” that could guide, lead, and support our investment and retirement income strategies and execute with demonstrated excellence. We were looking for an established track record, not just in delivering targeted returns, but also in building and sustaining a relationship specific to the client’s needs. In our case, communication and responsiveness were two top priorities within our unique set of “needs”. Our long time tax planner had included Kingsford & Associates in her short list for us to consider. Subsequent due diligence revealed the group to be highly regarded by many.
From the very first meeting we came to highly respect, and hold in the highest regard, the diversity of expertise on the team and their core culture. Their approach is exceptional, exceeding our planning and communication expectations (including feeding my abundant thirst for market research and insights). They bring an attention to detail and a common sense approach to portfolio strategy and management. Kingsford & Associates’ unique team culture breeds independent thinking and customer specific service with the intellectual assets and reach of BMO Nesbitt Burns. They integrate well with BMO, all the while maintaining a fiercely independent posture on behalf of and with their clients’ best interests in mind.
In an environment where many advisors are reduced to a debate on fees and current day returns, Kingsford & Associates rises above with a singular focus on meeting the client’s objectives. It shouldn’t be that novel, but it is!

–Retired marketing executive, Client since 2015

Oct 2018

My family has invested with Nesbitt Burns since 1987. Thanks to Thalia Kingsford and her capable team, two generations — both maternal and paternal — have trusted them to manage our family finances. It is because of them that yet another generation is following suit and investing with them. Thank you, team Kingsford and Nesbitt Burns.

–Retired teacher, Multi-generational Clients since 1987

Oct  2018

Thalia, Cheryl, and Stacy have been my wealth advisors for the last 7 years. It has been great to work with a team who gets to know you personally and who supports you regardless of your net worth. As a CEO in the non-profit sector, I worked with several advisors and firms in the past, but none that have taken such good care of me and produced such great results.
Over the years, they did such a great job for me that I moved my retirement fund from another large Canadian firm to Kingsford & Associates. My work has since taken me to the U.S. where Cheryl continues to provide great support for both my Canadian and U.S. investments. My partner was so impressed with them that she now has Cheryl managing a significant amount of her investments also.
They are great communicators and are always available to meet when I am in Calgary. Cheryl has put me in touch with BMO Trust, and later this year I will be moving my end-of-life plans over to BMO from another large Canadian investment firm.
Thalia is well known and respected in the Calgary community. She has been a strong leader in the Rotary Club and in the International Women’s Forum networking group of top business leaders in Calgary and worldwide. Thalia and her team are strong advocates for women taking charge of their financial future. They have, and continue to ensure, that mine is secure and well managed.

–International Non-profit Consultant, Client since 2012


Oct 2018

Prior to moving a significant portion of my investments to Kingsford & Associates, I was actively trading them in a self-directed account. They helped me move away from a “trading” mentality to a longer term investing approach. The result has been stabilization and meaningful growth of my holdings.

–Retired energy executive, Client since 2008


Extended BMO Team

Oct 2018

I have worked with the Kingsford team for four years now, and I am consistently impressed with their approach to working with their clients; the degree of empathy, support, and genuine concern for their clients’ personal and financial goals is unique from any other team I have worked with.

They go beyond what most would expect from an Investment Advisor, and the appreciation and trust their clients have for this team is often shared with me when I meet with their clients. It is unique to see an Advisory team who can truly wrap their arms around a client, but Kingsford & Associates have mastered it and made it their practice. They are truly a unique team who service their clients in a manner that sets them apart from and above their peers.

–Shawna Albornoz, Extended BMO Team Member since 2015


External Resources

Oct 2018

I have numerous common clients with Kingsford & Associates and have known and worked with Thalia and her team for 10 years. During that time I have become familiar with Thalia’s high standards for client service and investment results, both of which stand out dramatically. As a professional I see a lot, and I have always been pleased with what I have seen with Thalia, Cheryl, and Stacy.
Kingsford & Associates inspires the utmost confidence in their clients. In fact, Thalia and her team are so relied upon by clients that the team is often consulted – and their advice followed – on matters entirely unrelated to investments. Whatever is important to Thalia’s clients is important to Thalia and her colleagues.
Thalia is truly committed to achieving the best results for her clients, even when that involves telling clients what they do not want to hear. To be on Thalia’s team means to do what is right for the client, not what is convenient. And yet despite this careful and consistent approach, Kingsford & Associates imbue their work with enthusiasm and excitement which doubtlessly contribute to the momentum that have made Thalia, Cheryl, and Stacy so successful. It is right that we celebrate this success, and the rigour, care, and enthusiasm that drives it.

–Mark R. Rintoul, Accountant of Choice since 2009

Oct 2018

I have worked with Thalia Kingsford, Cheryl Smith, and Stacy Soutiere for close to 8 years, supporting their team as external estate planning counsel to their clients. Thalia’s team call on me for assistance when they identify that their clients have estate planning needs, often in cases where there are complex family situations, unique assets, or a need to carefully plan the devolution of wealth between generations.
Through several years’ work with the team and their clients, I have observed a number of things that speak to the close and meaningful relationships Kingsford & Associates has built and maintained with their clients:

  • The team is universally held in very high esteem by their clients. They are the epitome of “trusted advisors”. Their clients feel well taken care of and well served. They look to Kingsford & Associates for advice that goes beyond financial matters.

  • The team is extremely adept at understanding and getting to know their clients outside of their financial goals and needs. Thalia, Cheryl, and Stacy are attuned to client preferences and family dynamics. They can identify issues before they become problems. More importantly, the team ensures that they shepherd their clients through to solutions.

  • Their client service is tailored to their clients. The team will meet clients where and when the clients can accommodate it.

  • They have strong relationships with other advisors and are leaders in the community – their broad engagement outside of their client relationships enables them to connect their clients to well-suited professionals and services when their clients require outside assistance.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work (and to continue to work) with Thalia, Cheryl, and Stacy.

–Farha Salim, Lawyer of Choice since 2011


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