Women in Wealth

When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would always reply ‘either a stock broker or helicopter pilot’.  Interestingly enough, I took the first route (well sort of) and our youngest daughter took the second.  And actually, our oldest daughter also chose a career in a field that is primarily male dominated.  Why is that?
I attribute a lot of it to a supportive husband and father who encouraged his girls to be fearless and go after the things we loved to do regardless of the industry it was in.  I know that without him and the women who I have looked up to throughout my career, I would not have succeeded in pursuing my passion of helping women achieve the financial success they desire – whatever that looks like to them.
Because I have walked in the same - high heels - as the successful entrepreneurs, executives, and professional women I work with, I can connect with them on an emotional level which allows me to have an intimate understanding of the unique challenges they face in achieving their personal and financial goals. 
It is through my experience that I have become a widely known expert in the field of helping women navigate the complexity of the markets to grow their portfolio, develop a wealth plan to support the dreams they have for their family, and come alongside to help when those unexpected life events happen that we all go through from time-to-time.
As a successful female Advisor and entrepreneur, I am proud to work for an organization that supports female advancements and accomplishments in the workplace and throughout our community.  Click here to learn more about how BMO supports us… as women.

Sharon's Story