Power of a Team Approach

"We believe that success in all matters comes from knowing what to expect and committing to the actions that will increase the likelihood of meeting those expectations. We take pride in our ability to deliver a positive wealth planning experience. Taking the time to understand our clients well, allows us to build a unique, goal focussed strategy."


A team approach provides our clients with further insight, expertise, and specialization all in one place, from a team who knows who they are.


Suzy Brown and Carolyn Bate are both trained Wealth Advisors focussed on integrating investment knowledge with clients’ individual financial goals. Suzy and Carolyn share a commitment to helping their clients simplify the investment world thereby a clear plan and path for success. This strategy is then complemented by regular review and updates to track progress.



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Specialized expertise for clients

Within this complex world of investing, Suzy and Carolyn assist their clients in navigating their way through to a comfortable retirement, which includes considerations for passing on an estate to loved ones or charity. Carolyn specializes on strategic solutions for clients so that they can plan to retire with comfort, structure their assets tax-effectively, and organize their estate to recognize their wishes along with the appropriate insurance to protect their families. Suzy specializes on the investment strategy that links client’s goals to the investment decisions that get them there. This plan is then closely monitored and reviewed with clients directly. Clients pay a fee for an inclusive set of services combining the talents of Suzy and Carolyn.


A commitment to proactive service

People are busy, and finances can be complex. Suzy and Carolyn have a commitment to service clients proactively through regular meetings, calls and taking care of the details. This allows their clients to focus on their careers and families. Regular contact and staying on top of changing rules and policies allows the team to get in front of what needs to be done for clients.

Best regards,

Suzy Brown, Carolyn Bate, Jacqueline Tang, and Ethan Maudsley
Brown Bate Wealth Advisory Team
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