Service & Pricing Philosophy

Pricing Integrity


With 30+ years of financial services experience, I have seen the industry change and evolve. I have stayed current with the changing financial and demographic landscape and have continually upgraded my skills, knowledge, and accreditation.

I believe:

  • In pricing integrity. That what you pay should be fair and transparent, and that some clients should not get a free ride at the expense of others.

  • That the service we provide is worth every dollar, and is in fact, fractional to our value.

  • That the return on our services will be both quantitative and qualitative.


Our Services

Below is a list of 35 services that we provide to our clients. The list is not all-inclusive by any means, but it is a very fair representation of what we put into every client relationship.

  • Cash Flow planning

  • Net worth planning

  • Credit management

  • Retirement income planning

  • Education planning

  • Tax planning

  • Estate planning

  • Multi-generational family wealth planning

  • Help you determine where you are financially

  • Identify shortfalls and opportunities

  • Study alternative solutions

  • Help you articulate your financial goals

  • Help you prioritize your financial goals

  • Asset allocation modeling

  • Due diligence on money managers

  • Unbiased stock research

  • Unbiased bond research

  • Unbiased mutual fund research

  • Access to Canada’s top-ranked research department

  • Access to 42+ years of industry experience

  • We stay up-to-date on changes in the marketplace

  • Review your pension and annuity info

  • Review your insurance information and needs

  • Converts investments savings into life-long income

  • Determine the risk level of your portfolio as markets change

  • Provide options trading

  • Provide discretionary investment management

  • Cash flow reports

  • Portfolio reports

  • Performance reports

  • Provide tax reporting information

  • Work with your tax and legal advisors for your benefit

  • Monitor changes in your life and family situation

  • Provide referrals to other professionals

  • Provide banking advice and referrals