Investment Management

Investing for all market conditions is at the core of what we do. Drawing on our exhaustive universe of research and specialized Portfolio Managers, we work closely with clients to design comprehensive investment solutions that are direct, transparent, tax-efficient, and tailored to your personal goals. 

CFA — Chartered Financial Analyst
CIM — Chartered Investment Manager
CMT — Chartered Market Technician

Managed Portfolio Accounts

  • Ideal for individuals, families, trusts, private corporations and private foundations

  • Managed on a discretionary basis by your own personal Portfolio Manager

  • Driven by leading institutional and independent research using a combination of fundamental, technical, and macroeconomic analysis

  • Account types include RRSP, RRIF, TFSA, RESP, IPP, LIRA, LIF, and Corporate

Investment Counselling

  • Ideal for public institutions, associations, and endowments

  • We evaluate, select and monitor third-party institutional asset managers in Separately Managed Accounts

  • Access to a wide range of Private Investment Pools and Funds


Strategies for Every Objective

  • Pension-Style, All-Weather Portfolio Models

  • Dividends and Income

  • Small Cap Companies

  • ESG Sustainable Companies

  • International and Emerging Markets

  • GIC's, Corporate and Government Bonds

  • Quantitative Factor Models

  • Tactical ETF Asset Allocation Models

  • Convertible Bonds and Preferred Shares

  • Enhanced Yield Options Strategies

  • Real Estate and Global Infrastructure

  • Alternatives, Private Equity and Hedge Funds