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Sarah Mason
Wayne Schooley
Marlene West

Tel: 519-886-7649

20 Erb St W
3rd Floor
Waterloo, ON
N2L 1T2

Our mission is to help you simplify your finances and grow your wealth. We aim to deliver a high level of client service and up-to-date advice to help you navigate the complexities of your finances.  We achieve this by focusing on the following:
Organization:   Outlining clear and concise goals for your portfolio and your financial plan ensures that the pieces of your unique situation align to achieve your goals.  Our team saves you time & stress by ensuring you are always well positioned.  
Accountability:  In our regular conversations with you, we review your plans for your lifestyle now and in the future.  We balance how to get the retirement you desire while enjoying your present. 
Objectivity:  With endless market updates, economic forecasts and input from friends & family, it can be difficult for investors to focus on what’s truly important to them.  We cut through market noise to ensure the decisions you make align with your top priorities.
Proactivity:  Our clients hear from us regularly.  By staying connected we are aware of upcoming changes in your life that will affect your portfolio and allows us to keep you informed of what’s ahead.
Education:  Making informed decisions removes the worry surrounding your finances.  Although you do not need to become an expert in investing, we aim to provide you ample unbiased information to make the right decision for you & your family.
Partnership:  Working with our team provides you with access to our experts in wealth planning, estate & insurance advisory services, banking & borrowing as well as philanthropy. Regardless of your stage of life, we have the resources available that are right for you.
We are in business to help you enjoy your retirement and grow your wealth.  We look forward to maintaining a partnership with you and your family that lasts a lifetime.